Taking A Pause To Enjoy Brunch With Santa at Dock Brown's Lakeside Tavern

Sunday, December 23, 2018
The holidays can be pretty hectic, with the shopping and wrapping, meal planning and entertaining.  Sometimes it's nice to just take a step back and pause for a moment, and remove yourself from the chaos to sit back and savor the holiday spirit.  That's exactly what we did today!  We got half of the family together and enjoyed brunch with the Big Guy (yes....Mr. C. himself) at Dock Brown's Lakeside Tavern.
Now I know you're already questioning the validity of my facts.  But trust me when I say we were  with the 'real' man himself, Santa Claus.  Most of you might know him as the Saratoga Santa, but in our house, this Santa is the real deal.  There were several opportunities to dine with Santa around the area, but we chose Dock Brown's for a couple reasons......1) Saratoga Lake is like home for me, 2) we love the Saratoga Santa and 3) we're familiar with the management at Dock's so we knew we'd have a great experience.  Our reservation was for noon and Santa was scheduled to arrive at 1:00.  There was no shortage of delicious food options ..... scrambled eggs, bacon, maple sausage, home fries, chicken tenders, chicken picatta, baked haddock, tossed salad and baked macaroni & cheese.  There was something wonderful for every appetite.  It was all delicious, but my favorite was the maple sausage!!  There were cookies from Bella Napoli and cheesecake for dessert and a hot chocolate bar out on the deck.
Of course the kiddos couldn't wait for Santa to arrive and Dock's had that covered with activities to pass the time.  There was a craft activity and face painting, both handled by the most patient and sweet elves!

And finally as promised, Santa arrived!

One of the things we really enjoyed was the relaxed pace and ease of access to Santa....thanks in part to the venue and thanks also to a most patient and accommodating Mr. Claus.  Santa gives every child his/her own special conversation, engages even the quietest of little ones, and makes sure to provide the cutest and most unrushed photo ops for eager moms and dads.  I couldn't help but capture a few who were ahead of us in line.

Santa's relaxed and loving demeanor is surprising and unexpected since we all know how busy he has been this past month getting ready for Christmas and making numerous appearances, some as far away as Lake Placid.  I can testify to how busy he is....even though we go back a long way, I couldn't find my way into Santa's schedule!  Silly me waiting until December to book such a celebrity in such high demand.  I'll say in all seriousness.....if you can, consider booking a private visit with the Saratoga Santa.  It is magical and an experience you will never forget.  We had him a few years ago and even I was captivated. 
 To read about that visit, use this link: A Special Visit From Santa
Mesmerized in 2014
Mesmerized in 2018

Elena at the Hot Chocolate Bar
One little elf isn't really sure she needs to have an up-close, in-person relationship with the big guy.  She's happy to just leave a note and keep her distance.
On the other hand, there is one woman in the family who can't get enough of Santa.  Considering this is the third photo I've collected of her with him, I'd say she might be a bit smitten.  Today she even told him how good he smelled!  HaHa.   That's my mama....always ready for a laugh and a hug from Santa!

In all seriousness, Dock Brown's did a fabulous job providing a beautiful venue, wonderful food and a lasting and beautiful memory at a time when the world seems to be all jumbled up and out of sorts.  And Santa....well you are just the magic we all need in our lives, no matter what our age.  Your unending love and passion for bringing smiles to the faces of little ones, your dedication to 'being' Santa Claus, and the ability you have to make even us Grandmas feel like children again is something really special.  We can't thank you enough for all you do to bring happiness to young and old alike.  Thank you Dock Brown's for a wonderful event!  Here's hoping Santa brings you a little magic this Christmas too!
For more information on Dock Brown's: https://www.facebook.com/DockBrowns/
and for Saratoga Santa: https://thesaratogasanta.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/thesaratogasanta/

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