Autumn Takes Its Final Bow in Washington County

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 it just me or is anyone else feeling like the seasons are moving at record speed?  Like everyone, we were pretty convinced that this autumn wasn't going to be a banner year for foliage.  We'd taken several rides and everywhere we went, the leaves were still green and dry.  I resigned myself to the idea that there wouldn't be any great foliage shots this season and figured I'd just have to get ready for snow.  Then it happened, we had to drive to Albany for a doctor appointment and holy moly....the foliage was amazing.   As soon as we got back from the appointment, we grabbed my camera paraphernalia and headed to Washington County because, well, you already know.  We love Washington County.  We still had a few hours of daylight, and while it was a grey, cloudy day, we made the most of it.  I can't fit all the photos in this post so watch for them in an album or slide show on my page. 
I love old, worn barns, cows, open fields and everything Washington County offers.  If you've been following for long, you have seen most of these places before.  I can't resist capturing them in every season.  I'm thinking of doing a coffee table book on Easton again this year.  Anyone interested?

 This next one was a new find for us this year.   Love it!  Don't you?

I began and ended with two of my favorite farms - the Billings Farm and the Connor Farm.  Love, love, love both of them! 

There may be snow on the ground today and more coming tomorrow, but on this day, autumn was boasting its last hoorah and boy, it was going out in grand style.  It doesn't get much better than this and it didn't last long.  The next day was high winds and rain and that was the end!  I'm so lucky we were able to capture it before it was gone.  Do you love Washington County as much as me?
Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to check my Facebook page....  in the upcoming days for a video or slide show of the rest of our captures that day.  If you live in Washington County or know someone who does who might be interested in receiving a photo book for the holidays, private message me at  Once I have a book put together and have a price, I can let you know the specifics and you can decide then.  Perhaps a calendar?    Bundle up and get those snow tires on.....winter is coming.  Tom Turkey might have to wear a muffler to dinner Thursday!  Thanks for visiting Life As I See It!

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