Cruising Saratoga Lake Aboard the General Schuyler, The Perfect Saratoga Experience

Sunday, July 1, 2018
 Well it would seem that summer has arrived....officially on the calendar... and by the sweltering temperatures we're experiencing.  Meteorologists are in their glory with high heat warnings, historical statistics and possible record breaking temperatures to talk about....for seven days straight.  Unless you're one of those who live for this steamy kind of weather, you're probably looking for ways to stay cool either inside an air conditioned space or perhaps in or near the water.  If you know me, you know my heart is always happy near a body of water so we spent Friday evening at one of my happy places - aboard the General Schuyler cruising Saratoga Lake with the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co.  Scenes like this one are guaranteed therapy for anything that ails me and especially when nothing ails me.
Great Blue Heron atop what's left of the old railroad trestles 
If you're a regular reader, you've probably read my previous posts (see my Directory) about the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co.  If you're a newby to the blog, don't worry, I don't mind repeating myself when it comes to things and people I love.  And I love the fact that I don't have to own a boat to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of being in the middle of my old home view on Saratoga Lake.  It's one thing to drive around the lake, another to be able to sit on the shore but it's entirely another whole level of enjoyment and contentment to sit back and soak up the fresh air and lake breeze as you cruise along  the center of such a scenic body of water.   You don't have to be a tourist to enjoy a cruise aboard the General Schuyler.  I grew up on Saratoga Lake and I enjoy each and every cruise - and I learn some new tidbit about the local history each and every time.   Whether they're locals or tourists, folks enjoy kicking back and relaxing aboard the 1900 replica fantail launch.

Deckhand Jack helping narrate Saratoga Lake history!
Deckhand Jack (l), Captain Anthony (m) and Captain Hal (r)

This is the third year for the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co. bringing back public cruises on Saratoga Lake. Hal Raven, a Captain on some of the bigger cruise ships on Lake George, began his public cruises on Saratoga Lake in 2016 with the Kadeross, a  22 ft. pontoon boat. Cruises were popular with locals and tourist, especially their sunset cruise and their coffee cruise up Fish Creek. That wasn't enough for Hal though. Hal had a dream of bringing history back to Saratoga Lake, reviving the old days when the Steamboat Alice sailed the lake in elegant style in the early 1900's. Hal finally found his dreamboat (literally) in Wisconsin and wasted no time bringing it to Saratoga Lake last summer.  Cruising aboard the General at 7 mph provides a shaded, smooth and relaxing ride for it's passengers.  During the course of each cruise Captain Hal or Captain Anthony or Captain Curtis, tells a very comprehensive history of Saratoga Springs and its beautiful lake, points out local landmarks and notable sights along the shore.  Most of this 'organized' portion of the trip takes place during the first half of the cruise. All the Captains have a wonderful and warm hosting style which results in their guests feeling quite relaxed. By the time the boat makes its turn to head back to the north end of the lake, passengers are usually milling about, chatting with the other passengers, and generally just soaking up the experience.

The Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co. offers a variety of cruise options from afternoon cruises, sunset cruises, even moonlight cruises as well as specialty cruises for viewing the Fourth of July fireworks, dinner cruises, coffee cruises and even private charter cruises. Looking for a special employee recognition event, maybe a bachelorette party, surprise engagement venue? The General Schuyler is just your venue! Whether it's one of their regular cruises or a private charter, the Adirondack Cruise & Charter is ready to accommodate your special event on one of the most beautiful lakes in New York State.  But it doesn't have to be a special's also the perfect ending to a long, hectic week.  What better way to unwind and usher in the weekend?  What a great way to entertain out-of-town guests?  Pack a snack, grab your shades and make a reservation to cruise the lake in old-world charm. If you're looking for more scenes like these, check out the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co. today.   Regular cruises normally run Wednesday - Sunday.  Reservations are required.  Links to their Facebook and website are included below:

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