Shades of Tranquility at Shades of Green in Charlton NY

Thursday, July 5, 2018
Gardening is the work of a lifetime:  you never finish.
-Oscar De Laurenta

I'm pretty sure Wynne Trowbridge, the master gardener and architect of Shades of Green can relate to this quote.  If you've been visiting Shades of Green for a few years or more, like I have, you know that this enchanting garden is a never-ending work of art evolving from year to year, improving where one wouldn't imagine any room for improvement.  We made our annual visit to Shades of Green last week - just before the heat wave arrived, thank you very much, and no matter how many times I visit, I'm always awe-struck with the beauty within this shady piece of heaven.

If you happened to read my earlier post about my landscape project this year (, you might remember that I felt confident that this year's visit to Shades of Green would be easy on my wallet since I have no room for any more plants.  I'm here to give full disclosure.......I might have lied, or at least shared some overly optimistic thinking.  If you've already been to Shades of Green, you would have realized how unrealistic my prediction was and you probably laughed at my lofty expectation.  And you would have been justified in doing so because I did not leave empty handed and let's be honest.... I never do, and I highly doubt anyone does.  And why would you???  That being said, purchase or not, visitors to Shades of Green take away so much more than a trunkful of green goodness.  They take away serenity, a slower pulse, a ton of inspiration and maybe a few mosquito bites.  Have you figured out yet that I love Shades of Green?  Who wouldn't?  Shades of Green ( is so fabulous, this year they are part of the Secret Garden Tour of the Saratoga Soroptomist International!!  But that's a shhhhhh!  For more information on that (this weekend, shhhhhh) you can click here:  For a little preview of what visitors will see, here's a few ;) photos of our visit:

Look closely at the big guy loitering on this leaf!!

Charm in a Potting Shed

Hostas for as far as the eye can see......

Lime Ruffles Coral Bells

I went home with three small size hostas: Pure Heart, Mighty Mouse and Church Mouse, along with the Lime Ruffle Coral Bells which I potted in an old urn with this stunning sweet potato vine....

What a spectacular shopping venue, right?  I'll take it over the box stores any day....awesome quality at competitive prices, set in the most magical of settings!  Whether you garden in sun or shade, whether you garden or not, you can't miss a visit to Shades of Green.  I promise it'll have you searching for a patch of shade anywhere in your own yard or patio.  You'll find more than hosta at Shades of Green. You'll find loads of Heuchura, Brunera, Astilbe, and many more shade loving plants. Shades of Green is located in Charlton NY at 2036 Cook Road and is open Tues-Saturdays.  Check the website or Facebook ( page for specific hours and information.  Thank you Wynne for always making our visits feel like time spent with an old and dear friend and for not holding me to my word when I say I'm only here for a visit ;)  You know me well enough to know that would never happen.  Now that the heat wave is over, make a date to get over to Charlton soon, maybe even this weekend for the Secret Garden Tour!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit to Life As I See It.  I hope you'll be back soon and will share today's post with your shade and gardening loving friends!

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