Christmas at the Apple Barrel, aka I'll Have One of Everything Please

Sunday, December 3, 2017
So, it wouldn't be nice of me to pick favorites, not to mention that I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but..........of the 11 shops I featured this year, I may have saved one of my favorites for last.  Let me clarify.   I love all 11 of the shops....each and every one.  Otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time and to drive to them (some almost an hour away), photograph them, spend money at almost all of them, and hours editing photos and writing about them......just for the fun of it.  Clearly I am crazy about all of them, but today's, my last (I think) in the series is the one I spent the most money at - even though I actively tried to be good.  I'll disclose here that between lunch for John and myself, some goodies I bought for me and a few gifts.....this blog post lightened my wallet by $110.  Anyone who questions why I blog......let me takes great dedication and hard work, and a very sweet and patient husband. ;)

Of all the shops I have included in this series, this is the one I've been visiting the longest because Schoharie has been on my radar for over 40 years.  No matter what the season, the Apple Barrel is a favorite stop for lunch and shopping whenever we take a trip down I-88.  Jess and her team of elves work tirelessly year-round to fill every room with great gifts, delicacies, and home decor.  The only thing that rivals the merchandise is the delicious, bountiful meals in the cafe.  Although I took photos of our meals, I'm pretty sure I won't have room to share them with all the photos I took of merchandise.  You'll just have to take my word for it - it's scrumptious, hearty and calorie-free.  Ok, that last part might not be true.  To heck with the calories - if you go, you MUST try the coconut custard pie!!!!  O....M.....G......It's to die for.  I can pretty much guarantee that if you eat lunch you won't have room for dessert, so shop a little more to burn off your lunch, then rest a while over coffee and pie.  Or, take a slice home for later.  Speaking of shopping....Let's begin.

Look closely at the tree - it's all ice skates!

What a great gift for the teachers in your life!

Loved this vintage stuff!

I adore those lighted spheres!  Why didn't I buy one??

Look at this lighted canvas....even the small ones light up!!
Now you understand why I spent so much, right?   Also, everything here fits right in with my decorating style.....such a dilemma!!  Ha Ha.  Every time I do one of these posts, I edit the photos and see things I missed when I was busy focusing on lighting and framing.   That's the only thing that saves me from going bankrupt, because had this shop been less than 45 minutes away, I would have been there today buying all the stuff I didn't buy a week ago.  You, on the other hand, can still hop in your car and head to Schoharie and fill your Santa sleigh with wonderful goodies for all the special people in your life (and you too).   On the outside chance you're not already familiar.....the Apple Barrel is located on Route 30A, just off I-88.  To follow Apple Barrel on Facebook and to check out their hours and special events:
So, that's it.  I still have some Christmas posts for you and I'm hoping to feature at least one festively decorated home.  If you or someone you know decorates worthy of a magazine that would like to be featured here....give me a shout.  I've got to run now.........not saying where, but it may involve a road trip down I-88.    Come back soon for more Life As I See It.

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  1. Thank you Gail! We love seeing you. Photos are gorgeous as always!


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