All Is Merry & Bright in My Annual Holiday House Tour 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

When it comes to Christmas, I'm of the 'the more, the better' school of thought.  That doesn't necessarily apply to gifts, but when it comes to decorating my home I am definitely there.  Now don't get me's not that I think I'm Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines.  I definitely am not, not even in my dreams.  It's more that I love, love, love everything that spells Christmas and I've been collecting things I love for almost 40 years.  Each year when we drag the crates out of the attic, I declare that this year I'm not putting everything out, just a few things.   Well, if you're the sentimental type like me, you understand how impossible that idea is to carry out.  Even this year when my granddaughter, Elena, and I began decorating the family room tree I told her, 'this year, let's just keep it simple and just put balls on the tree'.  Well, she agreed but as you'll see we may have not stuck to our plan.  In the end, after almost a week of agonizing where each little trinket needed to be - in the house and on the tree - things are looking very much to my liking, finally.  In my takes so long because I try to change things up a bit from year to year.  My mom has declared me a little OCD and a lot crazy.  I'm sharing my house tour with you, not because it's brag worthy, or magazine worthy, but because it's a reflection of me, your blog author and I'm hoping it shines a little ray of Christmas spirit for you all to enjoy.  I'll narrate a bit as I go and give you any stories that might seem relevant...or you can just breeze past those and just enjoy the photos.  Welcome to my holiday home!
In the foyer.....I replaced my Life As I See It eye with the mirror.  Greens in the tin pitcher from Speckled Hen.

For years I've wanted to do this....We finally dragged John's old (over 60) Radio Flyer out of the attic.  Had to remove the handle but the tree fit perfectly!  The cat is a little disappointed not to have a tree skirt to lie on...oh well!

Wreath over the mantle is new this year from Target's Magnolia Hearth & Hand collection.  Tall desk was my Mimier's (grandmother's).  I remember sitting at it as a small child before school each day sticking S & H green stamps into their redemption book.  It was mahogany then.

Have I said yet how much I am in love with this tree I splurged on from Balsam Hill last year?

One of this year's new acquisitions - enameled platter painted by the amazing Terri Littlefield.  I first saw it last year when photographing Crow Cottage and wanted it then.  Well, it was still there this year and I took that as a sign it was meant to be mine!  White vessel and greens from the Speckled Hen last year.  Deer pair from my mom - from Rite Aid!!

Anybody see who's photo bombing this shot? 
Swapped out my revolving gallery from the summer ocean pictures to enjoy some favorite winter barn scenes.  The beloved and gorgeous center barn sketch of my favorite Easton barn, a gift from Brother Paul at my church.

Love the snowy scene - purchased at Garden Bug last year.  Hummel cottages gifts from my late mother-in-law, given over the years.
Stocking I made back in 1980, gnome from Apple Barrel, greenery from Speckled Hen adorns my mother-in-laws Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine.

On to the dining room............

Folksy snowman (Terri Littlefield) and some of my white pitcher collection. Newest second from the right from the Speckled Hen.  Beautiful cabinet plucked from a curb by my late father-in-law many years ago.  It was painted turquoise! The By Grace Alone sign purchased a while back at Crow Cottage.  The wreath over the pitchers bought at the Garden Bug.

Decorating always involves a good deal of rearranging.  This window (from Second Chance Barn) which normally hangs over the divider between the living room and dining room got moved to the wall to replace another large farmhouse picture.  Love this angel's reminder, 'when in doubt, look up' which I confess I bought for someone years ago but decided to keep ;)  Funny story....the beautiful bow on the window reused from last year's kissing ball from the Garden Bug! Garland from the Speckled Hen.

And to the family room....

Wreath on window was purchased last season at Chatham Flowers!

This dish normally holds a collections of sea shells.

And the tree that was intended to be kept simple - couldn't go a year without our very sentimental collection of white mice.  This collection began in 1980 with our daughter Katie's first Christmas and continues to grow each year.

This gorgeous nativity purchased from Sam's Club about 20 years ago for $39.99.  Santas and snowmen, also from my crafting days.  Beautiful water bird painting - a Shelly Broughton piece.
Little gnome in bottom left from Apple Barrel, large Santa from Hannaford about 20 years ago ($19.95), Lantern next to my Jim Shore collection on the bottom right from the Speckled Hen as is the Merry Christmas sign (from other visits). Most of the Santas in top right photo were made by me back in my crafting days. 

So that's it....the Welter holiday extravaganza. Now you see why it took almost an entire week to complete.  I think I might qualify for the award for Most Decorations in one Small House.  Maybe there's some sort of support group for folks like me who can't get enough Christmas.  Seriously, it means so much to be able to enjoy so many years of memories reminiscing where each piece came from, or the person who added a piece to my collection.  I only hope one day when I'm gone, my girls or grandkids love it all as much as me.  Now you see why I love doing the Christmas series and why they cost me so much!! LOL.  Thanks for letting me share, not just today's post, but all my posts through the Life As I See It.  Now crank up the Christmas tunes and get in the spirit!  If you  haven't had enough, check out the blog Directory at 
to see previous year's house tours under This & That, or to catch this year's shop series under Let's Shop!

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