More Treasures Than You Can Count All Waiting to be Discovered at Artifacts Country Shop

Friday, December 1, 2017
Probably the most unique of all the shops in my Christmas series, not just this year, but any year is Artifacts Country Shop in Melrose, NY.  To say Artifacts is filled to the brim with more goodies and trinkets than you could imagine would be a gross understatement.  Beth Cunningham gets the prize for being the most creative and accomplished shopkeeper when it comes to assembling the most interesting, eclectic and high volume collection of merchandise I've ever seen.  One way she's able to do that is by offering so many teeny, tiny treasures which she lovingly crams alongside, in front of, on top of and inside of every nook and cranny of her little wonderland of a shop.
 Like all the other shopkeepers I've featured, Beth is as interesting and entertaining as the trinkets and antiques she sells.  She's an artists and a collector; a cat lover and gypsy hippie with a sprinkle of fairy dust who has probably never met any inanimate object she didn't love.  That's evident just by perusing her shop.  Consequently, her shop is filled with everything from soup to necklaces, wrapping paper to antique china, vintage ornaments to purring felines.  That last one would be the resident feline shop dweller, Mr. Tibbs.

Another thing I love about Artifacts is that you can come home with a stash of cool stuff without breaking the bank.  Who doesn't love that?  This weekend happens to be Artifacts Open House - Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 2 and 3rd) from 10-5:00.  Artifacts is located at 205 Pinewoods Road in Melrose NY.  Unlike the other shops in this series - mostly in the heart of civilization - Artifacts is in the middle of nowhere in the beautiful open country.  Don't assume like us that the location will guarantee no competition and no crowd.  People love Beth Cunningham and they love her treasure trove of merchandise.  You will have to share those narrow aisles with other shoppers and you'll have to wear your detective cap as you try to discover all there is to see at Artifacts.  And it'll all be worth it!  Take a ride out to Melrose this weekend and say hi to Beth and Mr. Tibbs.  For more information and to follow Beth and Artifacts on Facebook:

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