Finding Joy and Restoration at Dakota Ridge Llama Farm

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Let's take a little break from the sadness and seriousness of the world today - even for just a minute or two.  I firmly believe it's important to have escapes, places we go, things we enjoy, ways for us to escape from the troubles and difficulties we face.  These places and things don't erase, cure or change reality, but they give us someplace or something to replenish us, entertain us, restore our faith and simply remind us that there's always something to be thankful for.  I'm fortunate to have a long list of ways to restore and regroup and one of the places I find restoration is Dakota Ridge Farm in Ballston Spa.  I've been telling you about Dakota Ridge for a few years now so unless you're a newbie to the blog, you're already familiar with it.  I find the faces of the llamas, their gentle nature and their loving caretaker, Katrina, the perfect antidote for anything that is weighing you down.  Last week we brought our granddaughter, Elena, for an afternoon visit.  Let's see if the sweet faces at Dakota Ridge don't cheer you too.

Elena brushing Zordan.

Do I have anything in my teeth?

Think Zordan enjoys the attention....and the camera?  Silly llama!

Elena walking 'Mike'.

Elena's first visit to Dakota Ridge Farm in 2014

I visit Dakota Ridge for the llamas, but Elena is in love with Spice, the cat.
 Since her first visit..............and I think the feeling is mutual.

See the heart sheared in the fur...Dakota Ridge is full of love, from every creature!

Who says llamas aren't nice?  And no, they don't spit at you!

The two newest babies (cria) at the farm.

Lluvia born August 23rd.

When Katrina isn't busy around the farm with her husband, Gary, keeping up with the many farm chores, she's riding her horse, Sakima.  On occasions like last weekend, you can find her at llama shows like the one at the Big E where she won numerous awards for her llamas and their quality fiber.  But you won't hear about those when you visit Dakota Ridge because that's not what drives Katrina and Gary to own and board some 50 llamas.  It's not about the prizes or the fame, it's about the love and passion they have for llamas and every living creature on the farm.  That's what is palpable when you visit and what makes you forget the troubles of the day, big and small.  If you want to know more about Dakota Ridge and see many more photos like these, you can read my earlier posts:
For the love of Llamas (a great post about how Dakota Ridge came to be)
If you want to meet Katrina and her llamas in person and have a tour of the farm, just go to their website and schedule a visit soon.  Visitors get to learn all about these beautiful creatures, walk a llama and learn how to care for them.  Contact Dakota Ridge at:
I bet you feel better already!  Thanks for reading!  Come back soon for more Life As I See It.  I have a bunch of road trips to share that you won't want to miss!  Stay happy!


  1. It is my happy place too :). Thank you for a wonderful story!

    1. You're most welcome Jennifer! I have a special place in my heart for Dakota Ridge!!


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