Enjoying the Seasons on the Back Roads of Buskirk, NY

Sunday, September 24, 2017
One of my favorite things about living here in the Northeast is the change of seasons.  That is particularly true this year as John and I have begun taking road trips to capture photos of roads, farms, and scenes we captured during the fall and winter last year.  Since many of the places we explored were fairly new to us, it's been quite fun to compare 'the views' from season to season.  I've come to the conclusion that some captures are decidedly more interesting in the starkness of winter but in general, a beautiful scene is beautiful regardless of the season.  My snow-covered March blog posts about Buskirk were quite popular - Part I of II, receiving over 3,700 reads.  It would seem someone loves the area as much as me.   I'm hoping that my late summer/early fall post today will be loved as much. Come along as I take you on a road trip through the back roads of Buskirk, NY.

Someone else was enjoying the scenery and good weather!

I was in love with this whole scene!

Photographers see the world differently than the rest of the general population.  We see things and details that others don't always notice.  Consequently we like old weather-worn barns as much as beautiful, well kept ones.  We love buildings that are in a state of ruin as much, or more, than new construction.  Recently it occurred to us, thanks to an angry property owner, that my love of old barns might not always be perceived as a compliment when we're shooting photos.  I'll tell that story in a future post but it's important for me to clarify here that my capture of these structures is because to me, they are beautiful.  They may be old and worn; they may be about to collapse and have windows missing, but to me they are beautiful and interesting and their story should be told and remembered.   If you are the owner of any of these properties - please be flattered that I chose to capture them.  Thank you for allowing me to share with my readers.  If you know someone who owns them, please let them know their property added some beauty and joy to our road trip.   If you want to compare these photos to their winter counterparts, you can click on these links: Roaming the Back Roads of Buskirk in Winter (Part I) and Roaming the Back Roads of Buskirk in Winter - Part II.    Come back soon because I have a few more recent road trips to share including beautiful places like Chatham, Schoharie, and Ephrata.  New York is a beautiful state and one doesn't have to drive far to find that beauty.
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  1. I love Barns...I often stop to take a shot but many times I'm not able to. So I am glad you do it and I can enjoy it. I'd love to hear that story about the owner. That too is a reason I sometimes do not stop, thinking someone may get angry or think I am crazy...but then again crazy is fun! Thanks Gail!

  2. Carolynn....you need a chauffeur that is willing to stop and start at a moment's notice ;) You'll hear the story about the barn owner when I get that post written. So many waiting to be written, thanks to the great weather keeping us on the road.


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