Discovering a Treasure Right 'Under the Nose'

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best things in life are found in places already known to us, places we've visited often, and in things and experiences we may take for granted?   That is definitely the case with the subject of today's post!  I've been visiting Schoharie County for over 40 years.  My dad's job took him on the road so he knew where beauty could be found, and although he'd never say it that way, he knew where to take my mom for a drive.  He took my kids to Gilboa to the Blenheim Power Plant when they were little and an old, now deceased, family friend once owned the Blenheim House.  My maternal grandfather hunted in Schoharie County and my grandmother thought that going to Shaul's for produce was equivalent to dying and going to heaven.  If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably know we love the Apple Barrel and Schoharie Valley Farm, and recently have figured out that Schoharie boasts some of the most beautiful farm scenery anywhere.  So with such history of visits to Schoharie, you'd think I'd be pretty aware of all the great stuff there......but you'd be wrong.  I recently discovered quite the treasure in Schoharie County, in Middleburgh and it is right 'Under the Nose'.

Quite the play on words, right?  Under the Nose is the most amazing shop that is located right at the trailhead of Vroman's Nose, the rock formation pictured above, a popular hiking destination. For more information on Vroman's Nose follow this link: Vroman's Nose Link

The brainchild of Lin and Tom Quinn after their printing business was damaged during the Schoharie flooding of Hurricane Irene, Under the Nose is like opening a box wrapped in brown paper, which holds the most exquisite treasures.  Obviously the wrapper on Under the Nose is way more beautiful than brown paper...nestled at the base of a mountainside, this pristine package was built by Tom, himself!  Open for about 3 years now, Under the Nose began as a gift shop, but not just any gift shop.  Lin didn't want her shop to be a typical souvenir shop, and we all know that being located at a popular tourist attraction could have led to that.  No, Lin wanted her shop to offer quality artisan wares.  She didn't want duplication among her artists, but instead wanted a beautiful variety of quality merchandise that would appeal to the masses and provide tourists with gifts from every price range.  Lin and Tom's talents are also featured in the shop.  Lin, an artist and writer, features her pottery, her cards and her recent children's book, "1 Silly Cow".  Tom makes fudge - in numerous flavors, as well as scones and 'boogers'.  I can't tell you about them just yet....but stick with me till the end and I will!  First though, c'mon inside and have a look around......

And that's just the front part of the store!!!   Among Lin's vendors are quilters, wood carvers, painters, a photographer, and so much fact about 15-20 all together, all bringing together a wealth of talent and the most unique and high quality selection of merchandise for any shopper's delight.  Ready for more?   Here's the back room....
The quilted pieces were to die for!!!

Lin's eye for the novel and fun is evident in her popular and whimsical clay characters.  Her 'people' are reserved and sold quickly and it's easy to see why.

Here's a process....just waiting for their final details before they 'come alive' and go to their forever homes.

These bundles were so cute.  Secured by an elastic and button, once unrolled several pockets held crayons ready to amuse any lucky child while away from home!  Yes, I bought one for my granddaughter.  This vendor, Millions of Stitches, also had pencil bags in bright, cheery prints filled with colored pencils, as well as make-up bags, purses and much more!

Beautiful baskets by Beverly Cornelius!

Of course, what every hiker wants after a long hike is nourishment and Lin and Tom have thoughtfully considered that too.  From Lin's special cracked egg salad, to chili, to macaroni & cheese, to hot dogs... each paired with a side and a beverage for under $10, the hungriest hiker will be satiated in no time.  I had the egg salad on a wrap, along with Lin's fancy Harvest Slaw with apples and cranberries.  John had Mac & Cheese topped with chili, diced onions and melted cheese and Harvest Slaw.  Both were super fresh and delicious!

 Don't forget to save room for dessert.  Of course you could play it simple with a cookie or fudge, but the specialty at Under the Nose is Lin's ice cream sandwich.  Made with two of her giant cookies and vanilla or chocolate ice cream, you'll either want to save room for this delight or share with a friend.  We shared one made with a chocolate crinkle cookie on top and chocolate chip cookie on the bottom with vanilla ice cream.  Maybe had we hiked I may have felt less guilty but my-oh-my, it was deliciously sinful.  My guilt passed quickly and yours will too.  ;)
We headed back to Under the Nose the next day with my mom because Tom's specialty is only made on the weekends.  Although I'm sure he'd rather be known for his scones and fudge (which is also sold at Schoharie Valley Farms and Terrace Mountain Orchard), I knew our Elena would be amused by Tom's "Boogers".  On our first visit I spotted this t-shirt:
Naturally, my interest was piqued!  When I asked Lin what the story was behind this, she explained that they thought it would be fun to have a funny treat to go along with their location under Vroman's Nose. So what is more appropriate (or inappropriate) than a booger, right?   So Tom and Lin put their heads together to invent a 'booger'.
Green, sticky and a little goey, once you stop thinking of them as boogers....they're delicious!
You can imagine the look on Elena's face when I asked her last night if she wanted to try a booger for snack!  The mix of a smirk and a healthy helping of doubt.... I think a part of her knew I was joking, but part of her sincerely thought I'd lost my mind... for real!  If you have kids in your family, I guarantee these boogers will be a hit!  By the way, she loved it.

 We also picked up a copy of Lin's book, 1 Silly Cow, a cute counting book featuring one silly cow, some friends and beautiful photographs (by Deb Bechtold) of Schoharie County.  It's also available on Amazon, but since you'll want to visit Under the Nose, you can pick up your copy there!
Lin Quinn, artist and writer and Jill of many trades!

There's so much to love about Under the Nose....the beautiful gifts, the delicious food, Lin and Tom's warm hospitality and the spectacular Schoharie Valley.  Don't be like me and assume you knew all the good places to visit....turn off the main drag and head on down Mill Valley Road and visit soon.  You'll be glad you did.   Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.  Under the Nose is open Thursday-Sunday until Christmas from 9:00-6:00.
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p.s. For any of you who are under the notion I make money blogging, nothing could be further from the truth.  These blogging visits cost me a small fortune but meeting so many great people and having the opportunity to share their stories is worth every dime.  And it keeps me out of bigger trouble ;)  I blog for fun, not income. Unlike most bloggers I do not advertise. The businesses I feature are businesses I personally support and want to share with my readers.  I don't blog on request.

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  1. Gail . . .thank you for such a wonderful write up about our little store! We are thrilled you enjoyed yourself. Your love of the Schoharie Valley is evident and greatly appreciated! Thank you for sharing with the world! :)


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