Overcoming Tragedy and Loss - A Story of Hope and Forgiveness

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Note: Since the time this post was written, it has been brought to my attention that the owners of this farm have been the subject of an animal cruelty lawsuit and several horses in poor condition were taken away. It is not my place to be a judge and jury of people, but I also do not want to ignore what I've researched to be fact. The how's and why's are not for me to decide.

Let's face it, there's a lot of negativity in the world today.  Wherever we turn there's political unrest, natural disasters and a general sense of despair. It's difficult sometimes to feel positive some days.  It seems as though we are walking through this life feeling confused, discouraged, scared and maybe more than a little overwhelmed.  Fortunately despite what's happening around us and how we might be reacting to it, there is still good in the world.  It's not on the news, and it may not involve a whole county or state or nation, but in the remote corner of Townshend, VT there's enough love and generosity to change lives.  In Townshend VT, people came together for a common goal.  They came together with love, and hope, and generosity to rebuild and change lives.  And in the midst of horrible tragedy, the people of this small town and way beyond stepped forward to remind us that despite what we see in the news, people's hearts are still open to help their neighbors - even when those neighbors are perfect strangers.  This story is one of those stories that touched me so deeply I knew I had to tell it.  In fact, I felt called to tell it.  My hope is that I can do it justice because this is one of those stories that will not only make you ask, 'why do bad things happen to good people?' but will also restore your faith in humanity.
Robert Labrie and Othello
Last year on September 24th John and I took a trip to visit the Friesians of Majesty Farm in Townshend VT.  I'd read about it in a Wade Tours trip catalog and thought it would be a fun place to visit and blog about.  Although we didn't take the bus tour, John and I visited on our own. We loved it so much, not just the beautiful Friesian stallions but, Robert and Laurie Labrie, the folks who own the breeding farm .   We came away from our visit mostly impressed by the love and passion that Robert and Laurie have for animals, as well as their interest in sharing that love with the thousands that visit the farm each year.  I always say that the best part of doing this blog is the opportunity to get to know the truly amazing people we meet along the way.  That was the case with Robert, Laurie and all their staff.  We came away in awe...of the stunning beauty and grace of the giant stallions, the beautiful and pristine barns, and touched by the hospitality and enthusiasm we received.  If you missed that blog post....please take a moment to read it now:  Spending the Afternoon with the Horses of Friesians of Majesty so that you'll be familiar with the people and animals this story is about.
I hadn't seen much from the The-Official-Friesians-of-Majesty-Page- lately.  Then one day a week or so ago this photo appeared in my newsfeed:

At first I thought that there must be some expansion happening at the farm.  A closer look made me realize that something awful had happened to one of their barns.  I immediately Googled and found a number of news stories detailing the terrible fire that took place on July 16th, killing one of the staff members at the farm.  My heart sank and tears welled up in my eyes.  I was devastated to think that such a tragedy had happened and couldn't even comprehend how awful it must be to lose a 32 year old member of your staff - one who the articles noted lived at the farm.  Subsequent Facebook postings featured photos of a barn raising led by a group of  Amish folks.  If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you are aware of my admiration for the Amish, so you can imagine that my interest was piqued.  I knew then that I HAD to learn more and hopefully tell the Labrie's story.  I didn't know yet what story there was to tell, but after 20 minutes on the phone with Laurie and her son, Benjamin, and several tearful breakdowns (on my part), there was no doubt that the story you are about to read is a story of tragedy turned to triumph thanks to the kindness of many and the ability and willingness to forgive.

One of the mares in the original barn on the day of our tour with a visiting bus group.

All of the articles I read online said the cause of the fire was under investigation.  No follow-up articles existed so I was left wondering, as many were, why a barn would catch fire around midnight and why the staff member who died was in there at that time.  This particular barn is the breeding barn which also houses mares and babies.  We'd been in this barn on our visit.  The barn was not insured.  The seven mares, 3 foals and 2 people living in the barn were rescued.  The barn and $25,000 of breeding equipment were lost as was the young female staff member.

No mention of the fire ever appeared on the farm's Facebook page - not even when they posted photos of the barn raising.   When that post did appear, there was still no mention of the fire.  Instead what was said was this 'AMAZING BARN RAISING!!!!!!! Thank you so much everyone for your support, your donations, your thoughts, and especially your prayers. They have helped us immensely! We are moving forward and we count our blessings everyday!'  Subsequent posts were similar.  In speaking with Laurie and Benjamin yesterday I learned that some folks reacted negatively to those posts asking how could they be so openly happy when a person had died in the fire.   As we all know, humans can be pretty judgmental and not very shy about sharing their judgments, especially from the shield of a computer screen.  And without any mention of the fire, or the loss of a staff member, I can imagine people drew their own conclusions and were not shy about casting blame and criticism.  It turns out that Robert and Laurie had good reason for limiting what they shared until now.  After many weeks of accusations and judgments and being accused of being heartless and worse, the Labries have made the difficult decision to open up about the fire.  Even then, both Laurie and Ben were adamant that the story they want to get out is one of recovery, the unending kindness and charity they've received, and the forgiveness and gratitude that's in their hearts.  They are counting their blessings and moving forward, without anger or bitterness.  They have found their silver lining and won't look back.  Here's how their story continues.
To quote Benjamin's Facebook post:
Truly, Truly, Astonishing!!!!! The story behind the new barn...We crossed paths about 3 years ago with a man named Danny and his wife Annie. They are from Lancaster County PA. They came on a bus tour to one of our performances. Fast forward to June 2017 when Danny called about wanting to come in August to possibly purchase horses with family and friends. Tragedy struck Friesians of Majesty on July 16th, 2017 when our mare and foal barn burned down. On August 12th 2017 Danny arrived and was shocked to see only a foundation where the mare and foal barn once stood. He asked if he could have the opportunity to give us an estimate to rebuild. One month later on Friday September 15th, 2017 Danny, Annie, and family arrived to start the new barn. A small Amish Army of about 8 men arrived on Monday September 18th. They worked diligently all week. We were extremely blessed with beautiful weather. Danny and crew left on Saturday September 23rd 2017. All of the pictures that you see below of the building happened in just 7 days!!!!! 

Truly, Truly, Astonishing work, we can't thank them enough!!!
The rest of that part of the story is that not only did Danny and his Amish team come, the wives of the team came too.  The Labries put them all up in their barns, their apartment and an RV.  The wives took care of their men doing their laundry, providing their meals and fetching water and snacks to keep the men nourished during the exceptionally long hours of labor.  The barn isn't quite finished yet so the men will be returning for four days to finish the siding.  How amazing is that??  And what volumes it speaks about the goodness in others - to gather a team and travel from Lancaster County PA  to Townshend VT to help strangers in their hour of need!!!

Those weren't the only people to come forward.  The water for the farm, like most places in the area, comes from a well.  The well was operated from electricity in the barn that burnt down so until the electrical lines could be restored, the farm had no water.  Benjamin took his truck and it's huge container from neighbor to neighbor where neighbors were kind enough to share water from their own wells.  Other folks arrived with horse trailers offering to transport horses if necessary and others showed up with grain.  People arrived for days, all wanting to know how they could help, many of them perfect strangers who'd read the story in the newspapers.

The Friesians of Majesty farm runs girls camps each year.  Of the many things for which Laurie is thankful.....one of these camp sessions had just ended. Seven girls attending the camp had stayed in the mare and foal barn during their stay at the farm.  Those 7 girls left the farm at noon the day before the fire! The father of one of those girls heard about the fire when he arrived home in NH.  Devastated by the news, Mitch was also driven to help.  He has taken it upon himself to find donations of replacement breeding equipment.  With all the help that has come to the Labries since the fire, a Go Fund Me page that had been set up has since been taken down.
Laurie shared, "there were butterflies in the ashes".....the morning after the fire they noticed that one of the mares that wasn't due to give birth for a few weeks had given birth to a healthy colt in the field overnight.  With all they've lost, all the Labries can see is the good in a tragic situation.  They say they've come together as a family and have been showered by the kindness of others.

As for the cause of the fire.....the Labrie's are ready but sad to share that the fire was deliberately set by the woman who perished.  They feel no bitterness or anger and they understand that she was troubled and plagued by her own demons.  They have chosen forgiveness and don't want to look back with anger.  They feel only gratitude and blessing for all that this tragedy has given them and are choosing to look forward, not dwell on what is behind them. In this world filled with anger and despair over things beyond our control, I am so moved by the decision the Labrie's have chosen to forgive at a time when others might be consumed with anger and resentment.  I am overwhelmed by the stories of the kindness of so many - friends and strangers.  I am overwhelmed by the Amish folks who came so far to help a family rebuild, not just literally, but emotionally as well.  I am humbled by the humanity that exists despite the anger and cruelty that is so present in the media today.  I am honored to have had the opportunity to share the Labrie's story of triumph over devastating tragedy and I am inspired to be more forgiving of those who wrong me in ways so menial compared to the unfair blow the Labrie's endured.   And I am saddened beyond words at the thought of a person who felt so hopeless and discouraged that they'd resort to such measures, a life extinguished too early. It makes me grateful for my blessings and among them, grateful to have the opportunity to learn from the experiences and acquaintances of people like the Labrie's to see beyond life's big and little obstacles.  I hope their story has moved you like it moved me.  If you are inclined to want to help in any way, you can find the Official Friesians of Majesty  website at:
Throughout this time of rebuilding, the Labries have continued to welcome tour groups and individuals to their farm.  They will be open to tours for another couple of weeks.  For tour and performance dates, check the website.  To follow them on Facebook: 
Official Friesians of Majesty Facebook Page
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  1. I went on a tour of the farm a week before the fire. I was so impressed I started taking dressage lessons. I was shocked nonetheless to find the barn had burned before I had my first lesson. The Labrie's did not miss a step and I started lessons. I have gotten to know this family and staff well since then and can't say enough positive things about them. They have shown incredible strength and fortitude throughout all this and their future looks bright.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'm not surprised by your compliments about them. They are special people for sure!

  2. I just discovered the news about the fire. Very sad. I had visited on a bus trip & loved the place. Since, I have tried to get others to go with me as I would love to go again. The horses, the care they receive, the training, everything is extraordinary. This article helped clear up questions I had about the cause & the aftermath. I am extremely happy they got all that help. Hopefully it lowered their costs & that they have recovered from the devastation

  3. Thank you for your beautiful article. I had often wondered how their pristine barn had gone up in flames. I'm so sad about the person who died but it all makes sense now.
    It doesn't surprise me that The LaBrie's chose to forgive and move on... they are that wonderful - and I knew it the moment I met Laurie and the Staff 7 years ago. Thanks again for your article and the wonderful photos!

  4. Hello,
    I hope that you have had the chance to review the lawsuit where 16 of the horses were seized due to severe neglect. The judge ruled against the Labries, the horses taken were the worst of the 100 plus horses. They are not well cared for! many are hidden from view and live with no shelter, health care, feet care or handling. It took a lot to remove the horses and Robert had every excuse of why they were starving to death. The sad truth is , he is a hoarder way in over his head and does not have the means to care for over 100 horses yet he keeps breeding them! it is an apalling situation, people have offered to purchase horses and he will not sell. I have never heard that the young lady who perished lit the fire- that is quite a claim- He has had multiple lawsuits against him. I would never reccomend anyone go to his farm, he should relinquish the animals so they can be cared for, the rescues who have taken them in have spent $$$$ amounts of money caring for these poor animals. I hope you look into this more before promoting the farm- it is not about the Labries, it is what is best for the animals.l

    1. I appreciate your concerns expressed in the comment and your previous ones. I have added "notes" on both posts stating my position - the truth is in print and it is not up to me to judge. It is also not up to me to influence others in their opinions. Facts in the media speak for themselves. But....I am saddened about the news because the Labrie's seemed like wonderful folks who truly cared about their animals. Our visit was prior to 2017, much time has passed since then. My posts were based on what we witnessed at our visit and on my conversation with them after the fire. Beyond that, the lawyers and professionals will sort things out, hopefully for the well-being of the animals and the family.


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