Enjoying the Beautiful Countryside in the Amish Community of Montgomery County

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Here we are - September 13 already.  What a crazy month it has been!!  Let me begin by saying, if you are in or have friends or relatives in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  It gets harder and harder to watch the news these days.  Sitting in my comfortable home, warm and dry with everything I need, it's so hard to imagine what the victims of these terrible disasters are going through.  Harder still to know that their situation isn't something that is going to be quickly remedied.  It sure makes it so easy to feel fortunate for our own blessings, something we sometimes take for granted.   As I mentioned in my last post, whenever I need recharging, a road trip is my go-to activity of choice.  Some folks go shopping, others enjoy a glass of wine....but me...just take me out on a good ole dirt road in the country.  After blogging now for a few years, we've acquired a rather long list of favorite country roads and near the top of that list is Montgomery County, specifically the Amish community there.  We actually took two trips there recently, thanks to this beautiful weather, so I'll share those trips in today's post and my next too!

Of course not every farm out here is Amish and some of the Amish homesteads are more established than others, but there's no denying the scenery is picture perfect.

This is probably familiar to you by now since it's one of my favorites and is photographed every time we pass, every season.

This is the first time we've ever seen a youngster among the working animals, and you might have missed it had I not mentioned it.

 In this next photo, look closely at the farms in the distance.  

 With the tall cornstalks and goldenrod, the fields were lush with greenery.  For miles.......

John jokingly refers to these signs as the original Post-It notes.  Posted....get it?

 And then there were some farms that were just too picturesque to ignore.....even though they aren't Amish.

 On this Saturday, folks were busy.  Men were working and women were harvesting crops.  Knowing their aversion to photos, I normally try to resist photographing them and when I do, it's at a distance. 

 Then there were these residents, two of whom stopped their munching to smile for the camera.

I could never be now, but I'm convinced that I must have been a farmer in a former life.  These days I'm happy just to drive on by admiring the view and capturing it in my camera lens.   That way I can enjoy the view in the comfort of my home without walking in muck or smelling it ;)    If you enjoyed this post and want to read more about the Amish of New York, just click on my new and improved Directory.  Just look under the first category - Destinations-New York and you'll find several more Amish posts.  Once you do, just click on them and read away!  Thanks for your time and interest in Life As I See It.  I hope you'll come back soon for Part II of this journey and many, many more!   PS.  If you enjoy this blog and don't want to miss it on Facebook, you can subscribe to get each and every post in your email.  Just click this link to sign up:  Sign Up to Never Miss a Post

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