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Sunday, July 17, 2016

There's no place like home, but most of us have a place or two that call us to leave the comfort of home and this past week we got to visit just such a place.  That place is Rockport, Massachusetts and although we've visited several times before, it's always great to return.  We were only there for three days, but we packed a lot of fun into those days so I'll be sharing our adventures with you in a series of blog posts in the upcoming week or two.  Today I begin with an overview of Rockport itself, it's personality, where we stayed and what I love so much about this seaside town.  If you've never been, I hope this series will encourage you to visit soon.
Rockport MA

Even if you've never been to Rockport, I'm pretty sure you've seen photos of Motif #1, one of the most painted buildings in America.  If I am any indication, I'm betting it's also one of the most photographed.  For more about Motif's colorful history, check out my earlier blog post:
This "subject" has no best side.  It's picturesque and gorgeous at any angle, as is the rest of Rockport.  Filled with art galleries, window boxes overflowing with colorful flowers, quaint and unique shops, fresh seafood every 5 yards, and everything that reminds you of coastal New England, Rockport is definitely a photographer's paradise.

Rockport MA - an artist colony

We've stayed at a couple wonderful B & B's in the past, but this trip was pretty last-minute, so thanks to Trip Advisor we found availability at a wonderful motor lodge right on Bearskin Neck - the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge!

Rockport MA
I was a little worried that being situated in the midst of one of the busiest parts of Rockport would make for less than peaceful accommodations, but those worries were totally unfounded.  In fact, it was perfectly quiet and peaceful.........and we couldn't have asked for a more convenient location or more breathtakingly beautiful views.  
Bearskin Neck in Rockport MA

Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge in Rockport MA

It's hard to complain about this view from our balcony......a sunset like this every night!
Rockport MA

And just out the door and a few steps east, sunrise awaits!
Rockport MA

Rockport MA
View looking left from our deck.
If you've been to Rockport, you know that parking is a rare commodity.  But when you stay at Bearskin Neck Motor can leave your car keys in your pocket because everything is just a short walk out your door.

Aside from the convenient location and fabulous view, our room was clean enough to pass any white glove test!  I'm not kidding, this place was immaculate.  Even the window sills were spotless!  Eric & Krystle Leveille know what travelers want and provide it......comfy beds, clean rooms, 'real' tissues (a whole big box), peace and quiet, extra blankets and pillows, even a special black towel and wash cloth for make-up removal, a fridge, a hairdryer, shampoo and conditioner, and decent Wi-Fi was just frosting on the cake - all for a very reasonable price!  Two nights was not enough at this gem.  I could have easily stayed longer.  We will definitely be back!  Our next-door motel neighbors told us they've been coming to Rockport for years and have stayed practically everywhere until they found Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge.  Since then, they've stayed nowhere else.  I know why!  It's easy to see why this Motor Lodge has the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence!  If you're the sort who needs fancy, there are plenty of B & B's in town, but I'll trade fancy for simple, clean and convenient, not to mention an awesome hostess!  Thanks Krystle!

Rockport MA

I may have hit an all-time high record of photos taken in three days, but everywhere you turn, Rockport is a photo begging to be taken.  Here's a glimpse into the heart and soul of Rockport's charm.

Rockport MA
Rockport MA

Great coffee and pastries in Rockport MA
Right across the street from the motel....great coffee and pastries!

Bearskin Neck, Rockport MA

Rockport MA

Rockport MA
Unlike the crowds the rest of the day, this is what it looks like at 5:00am.
Best Dogs in town at Top Dog
A trip to Rockport is incomplete without a meal at Top Dog. On the left is my 'seeing-eye dog' with a delicious vidalia onion and carrot relish; on the right is John's Italian Dog.  Both were mouth-watering delicious!

Rockport MA

Rockport MA

Rockport MA

Bearskin Neck in Rockport MA

Bearskin Neck

View from the deck at Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge.

It didn't hurt that we had picture perfect weather, albeit a little warm, the entire visit. Rockport has plenty to do for those interested in what it has to offer right in town and in nearby Gloucester, and perhaps after a few visits you will have seen it all.  But what it does offer warrants repeated visits to places like Hammond Castle, Beauport (the Sleeper-McCann Estate), and Halibut Point State Park.  I'll be posting about some of those in this series as well as some new adventures we embarked on this one:

Thanks for visiting Life As I See It.  Come back soon for more views of Rockport and neighboring Gloucester.  I think you'll be planning a visit there soon.  If you do, definitely consider the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge!  You won't be disappointed!

(Disclaimer:  No discount or compensation was received for this review.  It's just our sincere opinion!)


  1. Beautiful photos and perfect description...We have been coming here for years and always stay at Bearskin Neck -- this is truly a New England treasure! I work in the fashion industry and our fall photo shoot recently took place in picturesque Rockport -- you can't get better than this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much!! Rockport is surely a wonderful place! I hope you stick around for the next few posts featuring even more of Rockport and Gloucester!!1


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