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Sunday, March 20, 2016
Wow....where did the weekend go?   I'll tell you where it went....we spent almost the entire weekend with the grandbabies while mom and dad enjoyed some grown-up time at a friend's wedding!  Just another one of the bonuses of having everyone back in NY.....sleep-overs at Grandma and Grandpa's!  And in case you're wondering.....yes they slept and yes, Grandma and Grandpie (Elena's current name for Grandpa) are exhausted and looking forward to going to sleep!  And we wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything!  Funny how as kids we resist bedtime, but as adults we look forward to it!    Right?!?!   But....before I lay my head on the pillow I need to wrap up today's post.

If you love antiques, I have another great installment in my antique shop series!  As is so often the case, this treasure is located not far from some of my favorite destinations, but still.....I never knew it existed.  Thanks to Dolores at the Olde Mercantile for the great tip and for encouraging us to pay a visit to  Dirty Bird..... Antiques and Uniques.   It's a good thing this one is open seven days a week, because I'm pretty sure once you read today's post, you'll be anxious to visit yourself.

Located at 1851 Route 9 in Schodack, NY, Dirty Bird is owned and operated by Jim and Judi Matias.  The Dirty Bird name, inspired by all the 'dirty birds' that feed in the field behind their barn, is a store full of old and new merchandise, all housed inside of an 1800's barn.  The Matias' had owned the property for 15 years but about 3 years ago they knew it was time to do something with the barn. They stripped it down to the frame and rebuilt it into the beauty it is today.  Looking at it from the outside, it's hard to tell the barn is such an old and well preserved gem....

East Schodack NY, Dirty Bird Antiques

but on the inside....there are several hints pointing to the barn's heritage and history....

Antiques a Plenty at Dirty Bird Antiques

As if the structure and it's history weren't enough, this big 'ole barn is full of the most fascinating collection of antiques as well as some really unique and beautiful accessories.

Dirty Bird Antiques

Dirty Bird Antiques

Dirty Bird Antiques

This next vendor space was really cool and I understand pretty popular. You could spend the afternoon in this space alone reading the old containers....each meticulously labeled...
Dirty Bird Antiques

And something else for the men.....

Dirty Bird Antiques East Schodack NY

Throughout the barn, the artwork of Terri Littlefield kept popping up.  Isn't this owl amazing?  Keep an eye out for more of her beautiful painted products as you browse these photos....but stay tuned for a blog post coming soon featuring Terri and many of her beautiful pieces.

Handpainted pieces at Dirty Bird Antiques

Dirty Bird Antiques

Notice the enamelware basin with the crows??

So many treasures, so little time!  This is only a fraction of what the Dirty Bird offers.  With over 15 vendors on  two floors, the variety of surprises awaiting you is indescribable....all at very reasonable prices! Thanks to Jim and Judi for welcoming us spur of the moment last Saturday and for taking the time to give us a personal, narrated tour of your amazing barn.  We can't wait to come back!   Stay tuned for more of Terri Littlefield's art to be featured in an upcoming post later this week.  I know you won't want to miss it!  The gal is so fact, I just might have come home with one of her pieces ;)

For more information about Dirty Bird, Antiques & Uniques, use the links below to follow them on Facebook and to check out their website.

Dirty Bird Antiques

Thanks for reading.  I hope you'll come back soon to Life As I See It!

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