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Saturday, March 21, 2015
Well, we've officially arrived - yesterday marked the first day of Spring.  I was afraid that if we literally arrived at this day on the calendar, folks would lose interest in seeing signs of spring in a store......but, as you all can see, regardless of what the calendar says it sure doesn't look much like spring outside.  Nor does it feel like it!  I guess that's pretty normal here in upstate NY.  At least we know that we're on the end of this winter ride and eventually the snow will melt and green grass will emerge, just like it always does.  But for now I have a very colorful, spring-like store that is sure to make you feel warm and wonderful.   Ready?    Let's go!
Like most of the previous shops in this series, Fo'Castle Farm is a family-run business.  In fact, Fo'Castle Farm has been around since 1908 when Lt. Commander Claude Bailey purchased it and named it after a forecastle (pronounced FOWK-sul) referring to the upper deck of a sailing ship forward of the foremast.  Fo'Castle has been in the family ever since and is now run by Commander Bailey's great granddaughter, Anne and her husband.  Pretty impressive.  If you've ever driven through Burnt Hills, chances are you're familiar with Fo'Castle Farm.  Maybe you've been apple picking in their orchard.  I know we took our kids there many years ago.  If you're familiar with this treasure, you're probably also well aware of their famous cider donuts!  Mmmmmmm good!  Or perhaps you've enjoyed lunch by their beautiful fireplace.....You couldn't have enjoyed any of these things without spending time wandering around the store filled with treasures that have a current feel while still taking you back in time just a bit.
I've said it before, the best gift shops are the ones that fit a ridiculously large amount of merchandise into a small space and make it look completely planned and perfectly appealing.  Well, Fo'Castle is no exception.  Filled to the brim with more than your eye can absorb, every nook and cranny is lovingly arranged with eye-appealing precision, resulting in a chorus of ooohs and ahhhs, making you suddenly realize you're grinning or even smiling ear-to-ear.  Regardless of how current the merchandise is, a stroll through Fo'Castle somehow feels like a stroll back in time.   It's not about the stuff, I'm not even sure what it is, but you just feel a little like you've been scooped up and transported back, away from modern times, away from cell phones and computers....sort of back to the good old days.  That's the best way I can explain it.
Fo'Castle has a variety of home decor, housewares, candles, baked goods, seasonal decor and in the fall -  apples and apple cider.  They also have a delightful children's room full of goodies for the kids and grandkids in your life, as well as their popular penny candy.  Trust me, no matter what your style you'll find something you can't live without at Fo'Castle Farm......even if it is just the cider donuts! 

 I don't even have red accessories in my kitchen, but I just LOVE all of these!
Stunning, right?   I have a soft spot for the seasonal goods too.   I think you'll understand why....


 They're following me - these adorable felt creatures!  And yes....I had to buy one!  Did you see the elephants in the picture above next to the orange poppies?  Too cute!
Need a hostess gift?  No problem, you'll find a variety of beautiful things any hostess would love.

Feeling drawn to visit this quaint treasure?  You can find Fo'Castle Farm at 166 Kinglsey Road in Burnt Hills.  They are open from 8:00-5:00 everyday!  Sandwich Shop is open from 11:00-3:00pm.  
Whew....this has been a long series and I have one more left.  I hope you'll stick around for that before I hopefully move on to something new and different....maybe even something involving the outdoors.  Happy Spring and thanks for visiting Life As I See It!

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