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Saturday, March 7, 2015
This shop is now closed due to retirement of the owner..............:(
Like most of you, I'm ready for spring.  I crave some color.  I crave anything that is bright and cheery.  And when I crave pretty, cheery things, there's one place I can count on finding it and that's at one of my favorite shops - The Country Trunk in East Greenbush.  You might remember that back in November I did a series of posts entitled, Getting a Jump on the Holidays.  Part III of that series featured the Country Trunk and judging from the number of reads that got, I'm pretty confident you wouldn't mind seeing their spring selections.  One of the things I love about the Trunk is how beautifully everything is displayed.  Shop owner, Nancy Keenholts, and her gals sure have a knack for arranging merchandise in the most appealing displays.  It's impossible not to get mesmerized by the wide variety of goods they carry.  It's also pretty difficult to visit the Trunk and leave empty- handed.  In fact, for me it's downright impossible.  Knowing the store would be brimming with everything springlike and colorful, I asked Nancy for the opportunity to share her colorful world with my readers again and lucky for us, she graciously agreed.   (Don't forget to click on individual photos for a larger look!)
Whether you're in the market for something new for your home or looking for the perfect gift for any occasion, the Country Trunk has a huge array of gift and home items for anyone on your gift list.  This is one of their newer displays for the lake lover on your list............
Another new addition to the Trunk is this wonderful selection of items for the hugely popular fairy garden craze.  Reasonably priced and too cute for words, whether your garden features live plants or not, the Trunk has darling accessories every fairy garden might need.  For those of you who have not jumped on this craze because you think you lack a green thumb...think again.  I saw today that fairy gardens can be just as wonderful with or without live plants.

These beautiful lanterns are so much prettier in person.  Powered by battery, these patina finished lights are the perfect addition for any porch or covered patio.  You need to see them to appreciate just how wonderful they are. To get a better idea of their size, notice them in the picture below. 
For the well-dressed women in your life (or you if you're lucky), Nancy carries gorgeous clothes and accessories.  While my wardrobe is pretty relaxed these days, I couldn't help but drool a little over the unique, quality pieces on display.  See for yourself.....

Need some accessories to go along with your outfit.....look no further.  Scarves are the rage and what an array you'll find here! Not your average scarf.....Nancy has some really unique ones that I bet you've never seen.

These infinity scarves have a hidden zippered pocket which is handy for carrying your cell phone or some cash.  They come in a variety of
spring colors too and sell for under $20.

These narrow silky scarves are not only perfect for the warmer weather, but they come with a matching rosette pin/clip that can be used to fasten your scarf - either around your neck or around your waist if you happen to be the slender type.   Again - less than $20!!

The Country Trunk carries a wide array of handbags too.  The one in the lower right corner of this photo is pretty cool.  The handle is adjustable.....I know....you're saying, "so, what's the big deal, lots of bags have adjustable handles".   Not like this one!!  The leather strap which is more like a leather rope shape goes back inside the bag and is held with a toggle ball.  You can leave the strap long for cross-body wear, or adjust the toggle to shorten the strap for a shoulder look.   The excess strap just tucks neatly inside the bag, out of the way and out of sight!  Not only is it functional, it is made of a gorgeous tapestry print that would look great on just about anyone!

You'll also find a huge selection of jewelry to accessorize your outfits and trust me - it won't be the same old, same old you've seen everywhere in town.  It's new, fresh and unique!
 If housewares are more your thing......you're in luck.  Nancy carries beautiful things for the home - whether you're looking for a housewarming gift, a shower gift, a hostess gift.....you'll find something here and again....not the same run of the mill items everyone else carries.

Notice the towel in the upper right - "I love you to the fridge and back". LOL

Nancy also carries Swan Creek soy candles in delicious scents like Thai Lemongrass, Bourbon Maple Sugar, Lavender and Lemongrass, Olive Verbena, Vanilla Poundcake to name a few....all in beautiful pottery.
Got any babies in your life?  Grandbabies perhaps?   Well you won't have any trouble shopping for them here.  My, oh my!!!   Needing a baby shower gift or something to bring when welcoming that new arrival?   You won't have any difficulty here, except maybe in self control.  Check out some of the things you'll find.........
 Look closely...there's so many neat and unique items...I especially loved all the baby hats.

By the time you're finished, you will have worked up an appetite.   If you're hungry for lunch, you can dine at the Cottage Cafe (right on the premises) on Tuesday-Saturdays, 11:00-2:00.  And if you just need a little pick-me up or some lovin' for the man in your life when he sees you coming in laden with shopping bags, the Trunk carries delicious handmade chocolates......
No, they're not as good as they look ---- They're better!!
Have I convinced you yet?   Feelin' more cheery yet?  If color was what I was craving, I found it at the Country Trunk.....even a little to take home ;)    While I took a lot of photos, I didn't even come close to capturing all the wonderful things waiting for you when you visit this special shop.  Located at 705 Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush, the Country Trunk is open Monday-Saturday.  Check their website for hours.  Link provided below.  Tell Nancy I sent you and share this post with your friends!  They'll thank you.  Speaking of Thank You's - thank you Nancy for letting me share your colorful world with my readers!  The Country Trunk is just what the doctor ordered after this cold and snowy winter.
Visit today - where there's always something new to discover!!


  1. Such an enticing place, or rather 3 for 1 shoppes. I went online to check out the website and was totally disappointed that there is no way to order that lime green coat or any of the other goodies to be shipped to me in CA. The owner should use your photography on her website - not enough photos there. Anyway, thanks for sharing. It's always pleasant fun to browse though your blogs!!

    1. Here you go Sharon......The lime green coat is a winter polar fleece in XS. We got it from a Colorado Company - Janska 1-866-452-6752...we are now featuring spring attire.

  2. Thanks for reading Sharon and for the comment. I passed it along to Nancy. Their Facebook page has loads of great photos. I think Facebook is the more current way of advertising these days.

  3. Thanks, Gail. You captured every corner of my shop, with my ongoing philosophy, "There's always something new to discover." We also offer FREE giftwrap. Nancy

  4. The lime green coat is a winter polar fleece in XS. We got it from a Colorado Company - Janska 1-866-452-6752...we are now featuring spring attire.


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