Part 3 - Getting a Jump on the Holidays

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Sadly, this shop is now closed due to retirement of the owner!  It was awesome though!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your cyber visit to Ye Old Farmhouse Gift Shoppe and are planning a trip there soon, but don't spend all your allowance just yet!   I have a couple more places up my sleeve that I think you're going to love.

If you've been following my blog for any length of time at all, I hope you've noticed a common theme throughout my blog......enthusiasm.  The enthusiasm you hopefully feel as you read my blog is not a marketing tool or strategy.  It's in every piece because of one thing - I only write about what I feel passionate about.  I write about places I love, things I love, people I love.  Every business I've featured has been a business I frequent, a business I believe in, a business I have chosen to share because it's a place I hope you'll love too.  There is never any sort of payment or compensation involved.  In fact, I have reached out to these places asking if I might feature them in my blog, not the other way around.  Today's feature is no exception and I am positive when you finish reading, you'll know why I couldn't do this series without including it!
Opened on Election Day in 1988 by Nancy & Mark Keenholts, the Country Trunk in East Greenbush, NY has been bringing quality products with excellent customer service for 26 years. Over the years, the Country Trunk has evolved and grown in leaps and bounds and is one of those storefronts that, unless you know what awaits behind its modest exterior, you might just continue driving past on your way down Route 20/Columbia Turnpike.  But wait....don't let that first impression fool you.  This is one time you MUST open Pandora's box because what's inside that box will surely surprise and delight you.  I know, because I've been shopping at the Trunk for about 15 years and I should have known that going there yesterday to take photos would result in a little cash flow!  When you see the photos, you'll understand why it was impossible to leave empty handed!
 Reminder: click on any photo to view it and all the photos in a larger format!

From everyday and holiday decor, to clothing and jewelry, from Yankee Candles to Willow Tree Angels, the Country Trunk has something for just about everyone on your gift list....well, especially the women and children on your list.  But so what?  There's plenty of other stores for the men in your lives.  And by the time you finish shopping at the Trunk, the men in your life will just have to wait for the next paycheck because there is no end to the possibilities here.
The clothing section of the Country Trunk - The Dresser Drawer!

Women, haven't you always noticed that all the "best" stores are the ones who are able to pack this much stuff into one store and still have it so eye-appealing you never want to leave?  That's what Nancy and her staff do at the Trunk! The gals in the "Dresser Drawer" portion of the store are excellent at custom sizing and assisting you in putting together the perfect ensemble.  From head to toe with all the accessories, you'll find the perfect pieces under one roof.
Then if you happen to have any wee ones in your life, the Trunk hasn't forgotten about them.....

For the food and cooking hobbyist in your life, Nancy has some unique and useful items you probably haven't seen in your local big box stores. The Charles Viancin, nature inspired, silicone lids come in a variety of designs and sizes.  So unique, I had to buy one! 


For stovetop cooking, microwaves, these tops prevent splattering.  In the fridge - these handy lids will replace aluminum foil and plastic wrap!   Smaller varieties keep coffee warm and for beverages on the patio, they keep the bugs out!  So, so cool!  As you can see they come in a wide varieties of colors and sizes.  Great for covering bowls of eating-ready snacks for the family - just cover with one of these cute lids in your fridge and little ones and bigger kids can help themselves to cut-up fruits or veggies without having to wrestle with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.
All this shopping is sure to work up an appetite.....oh wait....there is something for the men in your life.  The Country Trunk carries the most delicious chocolates by Asher and Krause's.  I can vouch that they are every bit as delicious as they appear!  I suggest bringing a box home to hubby.  He'll be so busy enjoying them, he won't even notice all the bags you've just carried in! 

Just in case you need any more convincing, the Country Trunk also offers free gift wrapping on your purchases!  Who doesn't need that?  I hope this inspires you to take a drive to East Greenbush and say "hi" to Nancy and the gang.  I promise you'll go back regularly.  Be sure to ask to be put on their email list to receive their monthly newsletter.   Consider checking it out on November 29th - Small Business Saturday!  For more information, be sure to use the links below to check out their website and facebook page and be sure to stay tuned to the next installment, Part 4 - Getting a Jump on the Holidays.  It's another winner you won't want to miss.

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