Part 4 - Getting a Jump on the Holidays

Friday, November 21, 2014
So, I hope you're all enjoying my mini series, Getting a Jump on the Holidays.  I've had a lot of fun 'researching' for it!  ;) Today's post might not be one you'd expect, but trust me, if you aren't already a "regular" at this one, you will become one.

Almost everyone is familiar with Faddegon's.......especially when they think of gardening or landscaping.  But......have you ever visited during the 'off season'?   For many years I drove by on the Troy Schenectady Road and just glanced as I passed.  Then I heard about their Palm Sunday Open House.  (That's a whole other story and definitely something to keep in mind if you're yearning for the colors of spring after a cold, snowy NY winter.)  Eventually I began adding Faddegon's to my annual list of 'must visit garden centers' each spring when I stock up on new perennials.  And finally I realized that not only is Faddegon's a wonderland for gardeners, it is one of the most interesting and beautiful gift stores around.  Clearly, this 'garden center' has no off season!
Now that I've got your attention with this simply stunning owl tree, let me pause for a moment and tell you a little about Faddegon's history, which I am going to quote directly from their website: 
" Our Dutch founder, Cornelius Johanas Faddegon, was a graftsman and grower of tulip bulbs. He came to the United States intending to stay for a brief visit to sell his tulips.  Instead, Cornelius found himself stranded here as shipping lanes closed because of the German u-boats.  Cornelia, his fiance, was left behind in Holland waiting for the day she might join him.  Seven years later, when travel by sea was still extremely dangerous, Cornelius's fiance managed to find a spot on a passenger ship carrying mostly Irish immigrants.  She made the voyage 2 days after the death of her mother, but arrived safely. Since it would have been scandalous for them to be together unescorted, the couple was married immediately on the ship by the captain.They traveled to Albany where there was a large Dutch community and founded Faddegon's Nursery 92 years ago.  Still owned and operated by the Faddegon family, the business has grown significantly with each decade of its existence.   It continues to define nursery excellence in the capital region."

I think we can all agree, it's very good for us that Cornelius came to the U.S. and decided to stay! Since we are talking about a nursery today, you will, of course, find gifts for the green thumb people in your life:

I loved these - little, live orchids in festive pots that have super strong magnets for bringing a little holiday color into your kitchen.  This picture doesn't begin to do justice to how beautiful they are!  The best part is they are only $16.99.... for an orchid! 

And what nursery would be complete without poinsettias in every size and color.........

You'll also find a plethora of quality, beautiful gifts for just about anyone on your Christmas list.
Aren't these boot ornaments just the cutest?

If you're looking to jazz up  your own holiday decor, Faddegon's has everything you need to create a picture-perfect, unique ensemble that will make even the most experienced 'Christmas' aficionados drool.
Don't forget - click on any photo to view it in a larger format!

For the more challenging folks on your list, how about a Faddegon's gift card that they can redeem next spring and use for gardening tools, gloves, lawn ornaments or even some new plants.  Or, if you have some 'hands-on' people on your gift list, Faddegon's offers classes and seminars too.  Fairy gardens are all the rage and Faddegon's has a complete array of everything you'd need to create your own unique fairy garden.

Faddegons sells beautiful and unique fresh flower dish gardens and arrangements of all kinds, as well as all sorts of bulbs for indoor forcing, such as paper whites and amaryllis. What a perfect hostess gift for your holiday gatherings!
At Faddegon's you'll find all this and so much more - from garden supplies, to handbags and jewelry, decorator ribbons and garlands....Faddegon's is surely a must-see not just during the holidays, but year round for all your garden and gift-giving needs.  Even the little aspiring gardeners in your life can be pleased with a gift from Faddegon's...
Make plans to visit soon.  Faddegon's is open daily and is located on the Troy Schenectady Road in Latham, NY. 

Come back next time when I promise at least one more installment in this series and don't be afraid to click on the Table of Contents on the right to check out previous blog posts.  As always, thanks for reading and please be sure to share with your friends!

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