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Monday, September 15, 2014
It's been a while since I've written a destination blog.   I got side-tracked a little on a couple of editorials and judging from the number of reads, those seem to be my most popular blog entries.  But today I step back to the origin of my blog inspiration and talk a little about what seems to be everyone's favorite season - Autumn - and give you a sneak peak at some of my favorite fall destinations.  As we move through this cool and picturesque season, I will follow up with blogs featuring several of these locations so that you can check them out yourself or at least enjoy the view from my camera lens.

View of Lake George from Prospect Mountain
When you ask people what they like about fall, the answers you get are pretty universally common - the cool temps, the vibrant leaves, pumpkin everything, apple picking.  I suppose if you ask a man, you might add "football" to that list, but since I'm not a fan, let's just ignore that one today.  No offense men!  We are pretty lucky here in the Northeast to be able to find color around every bend.  Of course tourists flock to places like Vermont and the Adirondacks in hopes of taking in the best displays of color.  My "autumn tour" includes those places as well as some closer to home.  Ready to  hop on the tour bus?    Let's begin!

One of my favorite ways to welcome fall is at Clifton Park's Farmfest - which will take place this coming weekend.  Several area farms take part, including Predel's Ranch (pictured on the right).  Predel's raises a variety of livestock and sells hormone free meats as well as a variety of other products.  Families can roam their beautiful farm while kids can enjoy pony rides and other activities before filling up on a yummy lunch.  Admission to all Farmfest activities is free. Links for more information about this and other locations are at the end of this blog post.

Last year, for the first time, we joined the thousands who head to Glens Falls, NY for the Adirondack Balloonfest.  When the weather cooperates, this is perhaps the most colorful autumn display.   This year's festival takes place this coming weekend, September 18-21st.  If you've never been, it's a "must-see" but keep in mind that although the weather might look perfect, balloons cannot be launched if the winds are more than a mere 8 mph.  That can be disappointing if you've been sitting around for 3 hrs. in anticipation of a launch.  Definitely a spectacular sight even if they only inflate!

One of my favorite roads to travel on, featured in an April blog entry (Finding Your Happy Place) is Fitch Road in Saratoga Springs, NY.  This road is the home of several horse farms and is just as picturesque as any calendar you've seen.   I love it every season!

Most of you locals will recognize this familiar scene - the entry road to Yaddo, also in Saratoga.  Always a fun destination and popular photo location for photographers. 

Well known to locals, Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont, NY is a great place to visit. Not only a popular apple-picking destination, but also houses the very yummy Yellow Rock Cafe where you can enjoy a delicious lunch.  After lunch take a stroll out back and visit a variety of farm animals.  

 Head to Broadalbin and after enjoying some spectacular scenery on the way, stop by the Eagle Mills Cider Company.  The building on the right features a 100 yr old water wheel which powers their cider press.  This coming weekend is the second weekend of their annual two weekend Craft Show.  Eagle Mills Cider Co. also features a covered bridge and various activities for the kids.

Head a little bit north  to Granville, NY and visit Hick's Orchard.   Hick's has been in operation since 1905 and aside from apples and cider donuts, you can even visit the home of Slyboro Hard Cider while you're there.

After you visit Hick's Orchard, scoot over the border of Vermont and visit the Dorset Marble Quarry.  More information on this treasure will be featured in it's own blog sometime soon.

Another of my year-round favorites is Equinox Valley Farms in Manchester, VT.  Aside from the vast array of nursery stock, scarecrows and view of the mountains, weekends offer the opportunity for rides on a hay wagon, cider donuts and good old Vermont autumn atmosphere.

Heading west from the Albany area, harvest season is evident at a variety of locations.  Featured in an upcoming blog is the Schoharie Valley Farms.  Great place for lunch, beautiful produce and sinful baked goods.  Stay tuned for more coming soon!

One of my all-time favorite stops in Schoharie is  the Apple Barrel.  Full of all sorts of gifts, produce and flowers, Apple Barrel offers a wonderful cafe where you can satisfy any hungry traveler.

If you're in the market for produce - in large quantities or small, Shaul's Farm in Middleburg, NY is your place.  This was one of my grandmother's favorite fall destinations and so unique, one photo is not enough.  This too will be featured in it's own upcoming blog post. 

North Creek, NY

Whether it's north to the Adirondacks, south, east or west, fall is definitely a season that offers infinite destinations that will satisfy all your senses.  Stay tuned to upcoming blogs featuring these and more places where Autumn is the perfect destination for young and old.

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