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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Ok, so I know I promised you autumn destination blogs.........and they're coming, honest!  But today John and I took a little drive to pay a visit to our friends at Dakota Ridge Farm to say hi to Katrina and Gary Capasso and their family of llamas.  Yes....I blogged about Dakota Ridge earlier and judging by the number of reads that post got, I'm not the only llama lover around.  If you haven't read that blog....don't miss it.  I'll leave the link at the end of today's post.

I'm not going to tell you too much about Dakota Ridge since I did a pretty lengthy story in my earlier post, but suffice to say, I'm totally over-the-moon smitten with llamas.  These animals are like big dogs!  They come to the fence to greet you, they love being pet, they look you square in the eyes and can you NOT love them.   You can't!!!!    Today I was particularly enamored with "Down Under Thunder".  At first he was just chilling, laying by the fence, making these sort of moaning, whiny sounds.  I thought maybe he was annoyed by our presence.  When I asked Gary about it, he explained that this guy has a little 'attitude' and whines to have the fan turned on.  Too funny!  Eventually my friend got up and strolled over to say hello and let me just say, it was love at first sight!
Clearly he was smitten with me too - look at that 'look'

Obviously, you can see why anyone would fall in love with this handsome beast!!!
 Take a very close look into this eye - just in case I might be thinking of ditching my husband, here he is in Down Under Thunder's pupil along with Gary.  I'll tell ya .... I love this llama!
But I can't be biased because there's several more - all as beautiful as this one!  See for yourself.....

This fella was very interested in the paparazzi!

Spice (the kitty) is THE most loveable cat I've ever met.  When she's not lovin' on visitors, she's saying hi to the llamas or loving on Gary!  While we were there, a visitor arrived and Spice ran behind her car all the way up the driveway! I learned that Spice knows this visitor always brings kitty treats!

Now you understand my infatuation, don't you?  I will not be held responsible for any reader who feels compelled to own a llama.  But I will encourage  you to make an appointment to check out Dakota Ridge Farm sometime soon.  For a very small fee you will be given a tour and get to meet the 50+ llamas and their warm and wonderful owners, Katrina and Gary Capasso.  I promise you will love them and their llamas - every one of them, but remember - Down Under Thunder is mine ;)   Below is the link to my original blog, also filled with lots of photos of these adorable creatures.  Thanks again to Gary & Katrina for your hospitality and for sharing your family with us! 

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  1. These are very impressive animals, Gail! Some remind me of donkeys…maybe the ears?…and some look like angora cats…perhaps the hairy fluff.
    To not compete for the affection of Down Under Thunder, I want to ruffle photo number 9's mop top! Jill
    Happy Anniversary to you and John!
    And thanks for sharing!


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