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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fancy meeting you here!  Thanks for coming back!  When I began this blog I wasn't sure exactly where it would lead, but I always knew that my main goal in creating it was to have an avenue to share my photos accompanied by narration, and to share with you cool places I explore.  Some of these places are completely new to me, others are places I frequent.  Today's destination was new to me in April when I first visited, and when we went again yesterday, I said the same thing to myself as the first time, "Why are we just now coming here?"  If you live in this area, you'll probably laugh but until this spring I'd never been to Grafton Lakes State Park - hard to believe, but true.

I'm not going to go into great written detail today but I encourage you to read my previous blog from April and enjoy the spring photos.   I also think words are unnecessary in encouraging you to spend an afternoon here.  Whether you enjoy nature, or are looking for a place to swim, kayak or fish, Grafton Lakes State Park offers something for everyone.   So sit back and enjoy the tranquility.

 Check out the link below to see more photos from our trip in April and to read more about Grafton Lake State Park.

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