Inside the Warren Chapel at the Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Troy NY

Friday, May 20, 2022
 Today it is an honor to share with you the Warren Chapel at Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, NY.  Reopened for the first time in many years, and after a million dollars worth of restorations, the Warren Chapel is a sight to behold.

Friends of Oakwood volunteer, Christy Fronhofer, hosted a lucky group of visitors last weekend when the chapel was opened to the public.  We were among those visitors and today, I'm happy to be able to share this family chapel with you too!

Built in 1860, designed by Henry Dudley of New York, the chapel was built to provide a permanent resting place for members of the Warren family.  Taken and quoted directly from the site linked here (which also contains Warren family history):

"At the time when the Oakwood Cemetery was planned this half-forgotten anecdote was brought to mind, suggesting to his descendants the idea of a mortuary chapel, Indeed, public opinion then required that the family should erect some suitable memorial, which at the same time should be an ornament to the cemetery. A chapel was therefore decided upon, and is that which now occupies a conspicuous position near the centre of the cemetery. It is a cruciform building, early English in character, of stone from quarries at the aqueduct, combined with granite. The more highly-wrought portions of the building are of Aubigny and Caen stone, imported from Normandy. The graves of the senior members of the family are covered with plain slabs of marble, containing appropriate inscriptions; upon these rests an alter-tomb of Caen stone, supporting a sculptured representation of the Last Supper, over which is a triple window of painted glass, the subject being the Ascension of our Lord. In a word, this picturesque building, in the language of architecture, might be considered a hymn of praise, as well as a confession of that faith in which those who rest beneath have lived and died."

The deceased members of the Warren family are buried beneath the floor of the chapel. one or two deep. The chapel can accommodate about 150, though only 95 are currently laid to rest there.  Some time ago, the family turned the chapel over to the cemetery who now maintains it and raised the funding for its very necessary restoration. 

By the glorious Resurrection and Ascension - Good Lord deliver us!

Notice the inscribed slabs on the floor 

Tower stairs

Tower Stained Glass

This is my third blog post about Oakwood Cemetery (links to earlier posts will be included at the end of this post).  I've also penned stories about Albany Rural Cemetery and St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands.  I used to consider myself to be rather blasé when it came to cemeteries, but having spent considerable time in all of these local historic landmarks in the past few years, I have to admit I have become a tad obsessed.  All I could think of listening to the Warren family history, as impressive as their story and accomplishments might be, was how incredibly beautiful it was of the early members to erect such a magnificent resting place for their loved ones. resting places vastly vary, even today, from stately mausoleums to simple scattering of ashes.  On one special visit to Oakwood, we were taken by this sight...

Oakwood Cemetery is a sight to behold in any season, but I'm especially fond of spring and fall.  It was in the depths of autumn that we first visited Oakwood, that visit being the subject of my first Oakwood blog. The colorful backdrop of vivid color is only slightly challenged by the magnolia and daffodils of spring.

Oakwood Cemetery is hosting a variety of activities this summer including Full Moon Twilight tours, a Memorial Day Ceremony, The Gilded Age Rises Again in Oakwood, Oakwood's Revolutionary War Veterans, Stories From the Stones, and many more.  You can find out more by contacting Oakwood Cemetery at:  The cemetery is located at 186 Oakwood Avenue, Troy NY.
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