Vermont in Autumn.....What Could be More Iconic than Back Roads and Maple Trees?

Sunday, November 14, 2021


Fred Rogers once said, 

"Vermont is a small state which makes an enormous difference." 

Although that rings true year round, there is no time when it's more true than in autumn.  A trip to Vermont is good for the soul in any season, but nothing can compare to a visit during autumn when the landscape is dappled with gold and red and rust in every direction.

The foliage this year was a bit disappointing in our area of upstate NY, and the week we made it to Vermont was a little underwhelming compared to some years. Just the same, I was able to capture the flavor of the essence of Vermont and I'm glad to be able to share it with you all here on the blog. Come along for an autumn ride through southern Vermont.

The colors may not have been perfect - or peak - but there's no denying the beauty that is Vermont.  Life is a little like our autumn ride to Vermont.  Every season of life isn't always picture perfect.  Some seasons of life are downright messy and some contain things we'd rather put in storage and forget about rather than capture to remember in the future.  But if we take a moment in those messy seasons of life, the seasons that don't look or feel like we had hoped, the seasons that have more storms than sun, the seasons that challenge our stamina and maybe even our faith....if we just take a moment to take inventory we may find that despite the storms and mess, life really is good.  Between the clouds and trials, blessings remain quietly in the background waiting for us to take notice.  Sometimes life's little blessings are the very things that keep us from throwing our hands up in surrender during life's storms. They give us just the faith and endurance we need to handle today's disappointments.
I hope your autumn has been colorful and filled with blessings.  I know life isn't getting back on track as quickly as we'd hoped after the Covid storm.  We're all tired of the challenges and mess, but I know that somewhere at the end of the storm, God has something good waiting for us - for me and for you.  Here's praying that peace will fill your heart as we prepare for Thanksgiving and that the next couple weeks you will be reminded of the blessings you've forgotten lately.  Those blessings, and the natural beauty of Vermont, do make an enormous difference.  I'm thankful for the blessing of the beautiful world we live in, the ability to capture that beauty and the blessing of being able to share it with you.  Thanks for that and for coming back again and again to Life As I See It!

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