Creating Normalcy in Autumn Traditions When Life is Anything But Normal

Thursday, October 14, 2021


One of my favorite things about autumn is the vibrant scenery that is found almost everywhere we travel here in the Northeast.  This year's foliage is a little late in arriving and it's not as easy to find as much orange and red as usual, but there's no shortage of autumn within the walls I call HOME.

I almost didn't share my autumn decor this year, but I take such joy in changing things up for every season. It's a shame not to share.  So here's a glimpse of autumn, Welter style....

In this world where there's so much anger and depression after a pandemic that has been looming for almost two years, we need to find joy anywhere we can.  For me, some of that joy comes in making our home feel and look 'normal', when outside my walls normal seems unrecognizable at times.  It's nice to be surrounded by the things we love and the people we love especially when so much of life is beyond our control.  Here's wishing you are able to find some normalcy and joy in your lives, whatever that means to you!  Happy Autumn and thanks for visiting Life As I See It!

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