Enjoying a Little Halloween Fun at the Pumpkin Glow & Light Show at Ellms Family Farm

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 Pumpkins and ghouls and ghosts, oh my!  We may be in our seventh month of Covid but not even a pandemic can discourage little goblins from loving everything having to do with Halloween.  With so much of life restricted these days, so many traditions difficult to uphold, the Ellms Family Farm found a way to let kids, big and small, savor a little Halloween delight.

I'll confess right now, I am not a fan of Halloween, at all....never was, never will be.  Call me a party pooper but part of me is just a little happy that there may be fewer little draculas and ninja's ringing my doorbell this year.  That being said, I have three little goblin grandchildren who delight in everything spooky and ghostly.  So, for their sake I put my personal opinion aside and embrace tradition which this year, included the Pumpkin Glow & Light Show at the Ellms Family Farm in Charlton, NY.  

From October 1st through November 1st, families can visit the farm after dark and enjoy a mile and a half drive through a collection of ghoulish scenes, colorful pumpkin displays and surprise non-human creatures hiding in bushes - all arranged to delight even the littlest members of the family.  Just to clarify, the carved pumpkins aren't real pumpkins - they are carved foam pumpkins carved by talented artists in a medium able to withstand a month of display without shriveling into a mushy mess.  Kids will hardly notice the difference.  Note:  Originally the glow was advertised through November 8th but plentiful rainfall combined with heavy traffic might make the roadways too messy.

Tickets for the Pumpkin Glow cost $29.99 for a carload, $39.99 if you add a dozen donuts and $59.99 for a carload, a dozen donuts, a gallon of apple cider and kettle corn. We visited last evening when the weekday price was $24.99 and since we opted for the 6:30 time slot right after dinner, we decided to forego the snacks. The Glow happens rain or shine and although it was sprinkling, it didn't diminish the beauty or fun at all. I was really impressed with the organization of this event. Tickets are purchased online through their Facebook Page and website. The day of the event I got a text with detailed information and instructions about when to arrive, and other helpful information. We were instructed not to arrive more than 10 minutes prior to our assigned time and that was perfect because there was a long line ahead of us which elicited groans from our backseat.  Luckily the line moved very quickly and we were on our way through within a minute or two.  I can see though how not honoring your assigned time could result in traffic backups on Charlton Road. All I had to do was show the scanner symbol on my phone to the ticket gal (who was drenched from the rain but so pleasant) and we were on our way to Halloween Heaven. The 1 1/2 mile ride at about 3 mph took about 30 minutes - a perfect time for kids (and their accompanying adults).  The windy, gravel road was dimly lit by colored lights along the ground and cars were asked to operate with just their running lights.  The line when we were leaving was even longer than when we arrived. It's obvious this entertainment from the safety of your car was just what the doctor ordered after months of Covid restrictions.

I don't want to ruin the fun and surprises, so here's a small peek at some of the characters awaiting you on this colorful, Pumpkin Glow & Light Show.  From dinosaurs to dragons, Big Foot to bees, there's something for everyone along this innocently creepy journey.

This is just a very tiny sampling of the creative Halloween fun waiting for you at the Ellms Family Farm's Pumpkin Glow and Light Show.  To enhance the Halloween spirit, the Ellms has put together a playlist of Halloween-themed music on Spotify that will be sure to fill your car with everything you need to create a spooky mood with songs from Monster Mash to Thriller to the Halloween Theme Song (which my six year old granddaughter said was too creepy) and many more.  If you're looking for some Covid-safe Halloween fun with the family, go online and get your tickets tonight.  Here's the link to Ellms Family Farm which has loads more daytime family fun for the whole family.  
It's always a pleasure to give some unsolicited publicity to local small businesses and this is no exception.  Thank you Ellms Family for what was surely an enormous amount of work to set up and supply with more generators than are probably in stock at Home Depot.  I can tell you it was worth all of it.   

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