Backyard Birds Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines in the Season of Courtship

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
The humans on the planet may be practicing social distancing, but our feathered friends have their minds on courtship.  I've had plenty of time to bird watch from the comfort of my family room and trust me when I say my well-fed friends have provided plenty of much needed entertainment and distraction.  While the world and social media is filled with fear, frustration and political dissension, Mother Nature is focused on what matters and that, my friends, is love.  There's no shortage of courtship going on and I've captured a little of it here for you today.  I hope it reminds you of what's and everyday.

Sometimes when I'm shooting photos through an open window, through a small opening in a bird-blind my husband fashioned out of cardboard, it feels as though the birds are on to me and often strike a pose on my behalf.  See if you don't agree.....

Others just ignore me..

This is a magical time for birding and I'm lucky to have so many varieties visit my feeders year round.  Last year was the first year that I had the thrill of bluebirds and they spent the whole winter here but disappeared for summer and fall.  Out of 3 pair that stuck around all winter, I have one pair left. I've got fingers crossed that they might nest here.  Last year was also the first year I had Baltimore Orioles and I'm anxiously waiting their return.  If you love birds and want to see more, check out my blog Directory ( and scroll down to the Animal Friends category for many more bird posts. 
I hope today's post brought you a little distraction, and maybe a bit of joy and hope, during this period of isolation and worry.  I also hope you are staying in and staying well.  Thanks for stopping by and letting me share a little Life As I See It!  Come back soon!

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