Carrying On a Family Tradition at King Brothers Dairy

Saturday, February 8, 2020
One of my favorite things about blogging is the opportunity it gives me to share people and places in our local community, especially places that might be off the beaten path.  Today I'm sharing one such place - King Brothers Dairy in Schuylerville, NY.  The name might sound familiar to blog readers because I listed King Brothers Dairy in my annual Best Business post under my "Favorite Ice Cream" category.  Some of you may be familiar with their milk which is still delivered to doorsteps, just like the old days, but King Brothers is taking the dairy industry into the future, one bottle at a time.

Operating a dairy farm is nothing new for brothers Jan and Jeff King. A fifth generation, family-run dairy farm, the King family is focused on producing quality products.  In the early 1900's, their great grandfather produced bottled milk and delivered it to local residents.   "From seed to sip, we are proud to be in control of the production process by cultivating our land, caring for our animals and small batch processing our highly acclaimed products.'
Working with animals is their passion. Their pasteurized and homogenized milk is rBST and antibiotic-free.  The original family business ran until the early 1960's, but Edgar King (Jeff's dad) continued to run the dairy farm.  In 2010, Jeff and his brothers decided to return to their roots and fulfill a lifelong dream of bringing back the farm to table tradition.

Today the dairy farm consists of 2500 acres right behind the retail store and 900 cows.  The King Brothers don't just have a dream.  They have a century old family tradition that joins modern technology with the old time charm of delivering bottles of milk to doorsteps from Queensbury to Colonie.  Their passion for the business has garnered them attention and awards.  The American Dairy Association recognized them with the "Dairying for Tomorrow Award" for Community Outreach and the NYS Agricultural Society named them the 2020 Agribusiness of the Year.  The King Brothers want to engage the consumer with the process, educating them about where food comes from and having consumers aware and in touch with what it takes to produce a superior product.  In order to help that dream become a reality, in May of 2019, a 3,000 sq. ft. retail space was completed on King Road in Schuylerville.  Not only is the milk produced at this location, the King's ice cream venture has graduated from the farm stand to a beautiful retail space complete with over 30 ice cream flavors.
Just Take My Money

We heard about King Brothers Dairy this summer and stopped in during one of our Easton road trips.  All it took was one kiddie-sized dish of ice cream (pictured above) and we were hooked.  I can't admit how many times we've been back.  My favorite flavor is appropriately named, "Just Take My Money" because once you try it, you'll be investing in more, and more and more.  It's salted caramel ice cream with caramel swirl and praline pecans. Honestly, it's so good, it should be illegal.  This delicious masterpiece below was Apple Pie ice cream with apple pie filling and caramel swirl all together in one decadent sundae ........ that my skinny hubby devoured.
The ice cream wizards at King Brothers Dairy whip up new flavors for every season.  They just modified the Christmas cookie flavor for Valentine's Day.  It features Vanilla Cookie Ice Cream with sugar cookies, red sprinkles and pink frosting swirl.  On my last visit I enjoyed the HotButItsNot - hot chocolate flavored ice cream with marshmallow swirl and mini marshmallows.  The only thing better than the clever names is the creamy, rich ice cream.  It's also a very generous portion (I get kiddie) at a very reasonable price.  They also have soft serve!   Ice cream isn't just a summer treat anymore!
If you think King Brothers Dairy is only milk and ice cream, think again.  In this immaculate, bright and beautiful retail space you can pick up some frozen meat, their own frozen pizza,  meat from Oscar's Smokehouse, cheesecakes from the Nuns of New Skete, Cabot Cheese products, maple syrup, candy treats, buttermilk, chocolate milk and so much more.   Speaking of buttermilk, my mom says it's the best around.  She drinks a big glass everyday and wouldn't consider drinking any other brand.  Most people today use it for cooking, but if you're so inclined, take her word for it and give it a try.  They even have two hot soup choices every day and coffee too.  You can even find great hostess gifts!  Talk about one stop shopping!

I'm sure the locals love having such a beautiful place to pick up a few things on the way home from work, or catch up with friends over a scoop of ice cream or cup of soup.  I know we love stopping in for a snack on our outings and especially appreciate their sparkling clean restrooms too!  But at King Brothers Dairy, it doesn't end here.  Since they opened the store in May they have hosted a Fall Open House, Milk and Cookies with Santa, and their first annual KBD Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  They hope to offer even more opportunities to connect with the community.  They already are doing a great job and I see nothing but success in the years to come.
Next time you're in the area, make a point to stop in to King Brothers Dairy at 311 King Road (which runs between Route 50 and Route 29).  I promise you'll go back again and again.  To read more about King Brothers Dairy and follow them on social media:
You can also find King Brother Dairy milk products at 25 markets including Hannaford, ShopRite and Walmart.  If you're interested in home milk delivery....
Photo by Ann Durocher at the Malta Hannaford

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