Cat'n Around Catskill 2017, A Purrfectly Awesome Exhibit

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
You don't have to be a cat lover to love the 11th Annual Cat'n Around Catskill event!  This year the artists have pulled out all the stops to design and create 45 unique and distinct felines that adorn the streets and businesses throughout Catskill, NY.

We first experienced Cat'n Around Catskill last fall, just prior to the end of the exhibit.  It was quite by accident actually when we found ourselves driving through the middle of town exploring.  I was so taken by the talent and artistry that I photographed many of the cats and featured them in a blog post that remains my most read post to date.  To put that into perspective - in three years, 303 posts, Cat'n Around Catskill was read 6300 times.  So it's no shock that we were anxious to check out this year's exhibit and share it once again.  It's also no shock that we were once again impressed with the amusing felines who are so varied in design and equally amusing creativity.  Each and every artist shared their own unique vision and medium to create a most interesting and beautiful collection of cats!  Some artists have more than one cat in the exhibit.  Now that takes talent! *You can click on any photo for a larger view.  I encourage you to do so!

Cat'n Around Catskill is a summer-long art event that culminates with the Cat's Meow Auction and Gala on September 23rd.  That's when these pretty kitties are auctioned off and move to their forever homes.  From now until then however, the fancy felines will be on display around town, some easier to spot than others.  This year we visited on the weekend (Sunday) so parking on Main Street was plentiful making it easy to spot the cats there.  Without a map/brochure in hand, we were strictly using our detective skills to find as many cats as possible and we did a pretty good job.  I think we managed to find about 28 in all.  That leaves plenty more for a return visit and won't completely ruin the element of surprise so that you too will be anxious to go on your own Cat Hunt.

If you think these are amazing, you should see the rest of the collection! I strongly urge you to take a drive to Catskill and see the cats for yourself.  Bring the kids on a treasure hunt to see how many cats you can find.  The village is quaint and clean and full of an eclectic assortment of shops and eateries - my favorite is the New York Restaurant.  For more information about Cat'n Around Catskill and to follow them on Facebook, use the links provided at the end of this post.  Thanks for stopping by Life As I See It.  Come back soon for my next post showcasing Coxsackie's What a Hoot - an artistic collection of owls!  I promise you won't want to miss it.  To read last year's Cat'n Around Catskill post:
To follow Cat'n Around Catskill on Facebook:
For the Heart of Catskill where you can find each cat's creator:

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