Part II of Roamin' the Back Country Roads of Buskirk, Eagle Bridge and Hoosick NY

Monday, March 27, 2017

Here it is - as promised, Part II of our drive through the back roads of Buskirk, Eagle Bridge and Hoosick NY.  As I mentioned in Part I, it was difficult to know what town we were in at any given moment, or county for that matter.  I'm pretty sure we covered a number of towns and at least three counties on our short drive!  As you've probably figured out, that doesn't mean I didn't find plenty to photograph.  In fact, I think that afternoon I took about two hundred photos.  Don't worry, I use a little self restraint and only share what I consider the best of those.  So without further ado....

Well, that's it for now.  If you know of a particular scenic road or town we should visit, please let me know.  You can bet we'll be returning to this beautiful area once the snow is gone and is replaced with lush green grass.  Until then, thanks for reading.  Please come back soon to Life As I See It where we collect moments and turn them into memories!

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