Roamin' the Back Country Roads of Buskirk, Eagle Bridge and Hoosick, NY

Sunday, March 26, 2017
John and I have a pretty fun time exploring, trying to check out new destinations not too far from home.  While we tend to return to our favorites, we're always looking for new destinations.  We were recently given a tip to check out Buskirk, NY and last Thursday we took to the back roads to check it out.

I was hoping to do a little research to find some interesting tidbits about Buskirk but the first thing I discovered was that there's not much in the "tidbit" department about this hamlet of Hoosick.  Also I realized that our travels through what didn't seem like a vast area actually covered a number of places which are scattered in both Rensselaer and Washington Counties.  Some of the roads we took were in Buskirk, some in Hoosick, some in Eagle Bridge and some in Cambridge....all tucked neatly into a fairly modest radius. What does this mean to you?   It means that this is somewhat of a mystery where I know some of the roads we were on, but not necessarily what town we were in on any given road.  In the end it doesn't really matter.  What mattered was the beautiful scenery we found, the numerous old barns and farm estates and the history we enjoyed, even without knowing all the details.  I hope as you see these photos, if you know some history or fun facts, you'll share them with me in a comment here on the blog or on Facebook.  If not, no worries...sit back and enjoy our ride on the back country roads off of Route 67 in Buskirk.

On the south side of Route 67, we traveled on Buskirk-West Hoosick Road, Nickmush Road, Sherman Road, and Eddy Road.

One of the historic barns of Nipmoose.  More in the next photo.

A view of Nick Mush Road from Sherman Lane

 Be still my heart...this masterpiece on Eddy Road was amazing!  I'd love to hear the histories behind so many of these beautiful farmsteads.

So pristine!

 This spectacular yellow farmstead was at the end of a very long, private road.  I was proud of myself for not forcing John to drive down it so I could get a closer look.  I definitely could have spent several minutes photographing this one.  If you know the owners....put in a good word for me!

formerly Dutch Reformed Protestant Church at Tiossiook
 From here we crossed the Buskirk Covered Bridge and turned right on Stage Road and maybe Oak Hill Road.  We eventually ended up in Cambridge.  This photo of the bridge was not from this trip, but I felt it belonged in the post anyway ;)
The first covered bridge built in 1804 by Martin VanBuskirk gave this town its name.

Such a stark contrast....from the well kept and pristine to those who have seen better days.

 This next property was just beautiful, so well kept and pristine.  I couldn't stop photographing it!

This is not the end of our travels, in fact, it's only half of the photographs I want to share with you.  If any of these are familiar with you, please share your stories!  This area is so full of beautiful farms. Stay tuned for Part II to see more!  Feel free to share this post and don't forget you an sign up to receive all my posts in your email.  Never depend on Facebook again!


  1. Be still MY heart ,Thank you for these fine photographs of things I remember from my child hood , James R Hamilton

  2. Thanks you. Our farm, fully renovated in these pictures, bring back many memories of raising our kids in Buskirk. Karen Rager. 5 Eddy Road.

    1. made my day! I was so hopeful I'd hear from some of the people whose farms I featured. Are you still at 5 Eddy Road? I could have done a post with your farm all by itself. I took so many photographs of it. If there are any you'd like a digital copy of, feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to provide you with original quality digital files! I hope you'll watch for Part II of the post!

  3. Just to clarify, ours is what you called the "Masterpiece on Eddy Road". It truly is. Karen Rager

    1. It was once a working dairy farm, owned by my parents. Great place to grow up

  4. FYI Nick Mush Road is actually in the Town of Pittstown, just to add another town to your beautiful experience. 😄

    1. According to my map, the end we were on is in Buskirk but as I said, the boundary lines are pretty fuzzy to me 😉

  5. Hi Gail! This popped up in my fb memories! We rented our farmhouse (5 Eddy Road) for Christmas and our kids and grandson came for the holiday. It was so wonderful to be back home. Karen Rager


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