Butterfly Paradise at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory

Sunday, October 25, 2015
The air may be getting colder, the wind causing a shower of leaves outside your door, but there's one place not too far away where you can enjoy a tropical paradise.  In this paradise you'll be surrounded by tropical plants, the soft sounds of birds chirping and thousands of butterflies gracefully floating all around you.  This place is not in the tropics and you need not travel there by plane - this exotic destination is located just a couple hours away at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in South Deerfield, MA.  When you visit Magic Wings, you leave your worries and cares at the door (and your coat), and enter the warmth and mesmerizing tropical oasis within its walls and for a time, all you can think of is the beauty and serenity that surrounds you.  Come, let me take you on a journey to paradise!
If you're a regular reader, you have probably read my previous post about Magic Wings.  We have visited a number of times over the past few years and when we found ourselves close-by this week, we couldn't help but visit again.  Magic Wings is one of those places you never tire of.  Opened in October of 2000, this 8,000 sq. ft conservatory is filled with over 4,000 tropical and domestic butterflies, as well as an assortment of tortoises and reptiles, a koi fish pond and several exotic birds.  You'll wander through the jungle of breathtaking tropical plants while soft, peaceful music lulls you into tranquility as butterflies of all varieties flutter around you.  Magic Wings is the perfect name for this unique conservatory because what you experience during your visit is nothing short of magical.  Here's a peak of some of the butterflies you'll see at Magic Wings....

Atlas Moth - from Asia, considered one of the largest moths in the world with a wingspan of 9.8"

 Sometimes, you even get lucky enough to have one land on you.  This beautiful butterfly took a liking to John and rested on his hand for several minutes.

The staff at Magic Wings is knowledgeable and friendly, eager to introduce visitors to the residents.  This is Randy....Randolf the Russian Tortoise.  He was happy to pose for the camera but would have been just as willing to be aggressive if he weren't in the firm grasp of his handler.  When we first arrived one of the employees was demonstrating what happens when one lizard sees another through the glass of its cage.  The little boy was wide-eyed with wonder as the employee explained with great enthusiasm what the display meant.  Even I, as an older adult, was captivated by the story.
 When we later found Randy behaving as if in "distress", our kind tortoise handler explained to us naive visitors, that Randy was just being a little.........randy.  LOL.  I'd never considered that creatures besides dogs occasionally get a little affectionate with inanimate objects.  But hey....you're never to old to learn and the folks at Magic Wings know their stuff!!!

   Just a few of the tropical plants you'll see.....
 If you haven't seen enough, take a look at my previous post about Magic Wings.  That one is filled with some different varieties of butterflies.  Then plan a trip to South Deerfield soon.  It's an easy drive either over the Mass Turnpike or if you prefer the scenic route, we went through the mountains over Route 2 through Williamstown, North Adams and Greenfield.  Also stay tuned for my next blog featuring Historic Deerfield.  You'll want to check out this beautiful village which is just up the road from Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory.  For more information, the link for Magic Wings is included below as well as the link to my previous post.   Magic Wings is open everyday but Thanksgiving and Christmas and while you're there, check out their beautiful gift shoppe and the Monarch Restaurant. 

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