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Monday, September 14, 2015
Happy Monday Folks!  Can you believe September is almost half over???  Yikes.....slow down already!  So....I promised you posts that represented everything fall and I'm back today with another jaw dropping, sigh producing, aaaah-mazing shop that will convince you that fall is here in earnest.  You loved this one when I featured them in the spring so I know you'll love it today....and I'm already planning a Christmas installment!  Welcome back to The Speckled Hen!
There's a reason my first post about The Specked Hen has been on my top ten most popular posts ever since.  If you're new to this shop, soon you'll understand why.  Maureen Culver is the master mind, decorator extraordinaire, collector of fabulous finds and hostess with the mostest of The Speckled Hen.  If you are new to my blog and aren't familiar with her and her store, please take a moment to read my first post where I give you a little biography and background....link will be at the end of this post.  Maureen, aside from being one of the sweetest and most humble women you'll ever meet, knows how to fill a room with so many beautiful pieces, your eyes won't know where to stop.   But trust me....they will stop....and then they will continue and stop again and before you know it, time will pass and you'll still be wandering, and admiring and no matter how much you think this is your favorite thing, another favorite will soon win your heart. 

Maureen's favorite thing is her new porch......and it's easy to see why.  Filled with treasure after treasure, each nook, every square inch, vertical and horizontal, is filled with one neat piece after another.
I strongly recommend you click on each photo for a better look - for some reason Blogger seems to be reducing the quality of the photos, but if you click on them individually they will appear larger and at the original quality.  When you're finished looking, just hit your 'back' button to return to the blog.
In case visitors might not already know.....Maureen made a permanent and loving declaration of how much she loves and appreciates her new porch ..... and the guy who made it happen!
When I asked Maureen what she was most excited about in her shop, what she hoped I'd highlight - she quickly answered.   It is her collection by Tammy Jias .....sold in only 3 shops in the U.S.  Tammy Jias, creator of Grungy Primitives, is clearly a creative genius.  Think I'm exaggerating?
From pumpkins to pigs, potatoes to bats, just to name a few.....Tammy has created a world of unique, whimsical creatures, so different they will beckon your attention.  Tammy's pumpkins are tucked in vignettes all around the store.  As you browse the photos....keep your eye out for many more. You can also see Tammy's spring creations in my first post about The Speckled Hen with her beautiful bunnies and spring collection.
These aren't real potatoes....even in person you'd be hard pressed to be sure!

For an artist to choose The Speckled Hen as one of only THREE shops in the whole country to sell her creations...well that right there is a testament to the reputation Maureen has in the business.  Honestly, I don't know how Maureen does it.....she's a one person operation and it's clear when you meet her and see her shop.....The Speckled Hen is her heart, her soul and her passion (aside from her 'best husband ever' and her two sons). 
In case you're looking for something more traditional for your autumn decor.....The Speckled Hen won't disappoint. 
 Aren't these witch's shoes the cutest thing you've ever seen? (Below)
 As soon as I left the porch to walk inside the shop....this wall greeted me....and I wanted everything on it!   These frames are made by the Amish out of authentic barn wood!  I loooove them!
Probably my favorite space at The Speckled Hen would be the back porch.   I don't know whether it's the sunlight that streams in through the windows or just everything Maureen has out there, but I could just sit and gaze forever.....
Can you handle any more?   I'm telling you....this place is a treasure.  If this post doesn't have you itching to decorate for fall, I don't know what will!  Here's a couple more just in case you haven't had enough...
Look at this face! 

Maureen's shop isn't the only thing special about her.  This holiday season, Maureen is having a very special fundraiser.  She and her shop are going to adopt an Ainsley's Angel.  "Ainsley's Angels of America is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build awareness about America's special need's community through inclusion in all aspects of life, by promoting awareness, education, and participation as active members in local communities.  A key component includes ensuring everyone can participate in endurance events, 5K races and longer." (Taken from the September issue of Your Hometowne.)   Maureen is hoping to help this great organization by adopting a specialized jogging chariot which costs approximately $1000 each.  The shop is going to match all your donations made through the holiday season - up to $1000.  To read more about Ainsley's Angels, go to: http://www.ainsleysangels.org/   and consider donating to this great cause!

If you're looking to add a little charm to your home this autumn season...make a date to stop by soon.  The Speckled Hen is located at 38 Saratoga Road (Rt. 50), in Scotia, NY.  The shop is open Wednesday-Friday, 10:00-6:00 pm, Saturday 10:00-4:00 and beginning September 20th - Sunday 12:00-4:00pm.  Just to be sure, you can check their Facebook page or call before visiting.  Their number is 369-8771.  Don't forget, links to the previous post about Maureen's story and The Speckled Hen's Facebook page are included at the end of this post - which might just be the longest post in history.  Thanks for stickin' with me!
 If you know someone who'd love The Specked Hen....share this post with them!   And be sure to come back soon to Life As I See It.  You won't want to miss my next post!!!!!  It's delicious!
To read my original post about The Speckled Hen or to check out their Facebook page: 
And the previous post:


  1. I haven't been yet but I am dying to go to the Speckled Hen!!! If I ever get there I will never leave!!!!

  2. You won't! It's wonderful. Thanks for reading.

  3. Maureen IS such a sweet person, with an AMAZING talent. She has that special "touch" that makes each and every display she creates so mesmerizing. It's true, just when you think you absolutely LOVE an item in the store, you find something else that you LOVE too. I have never left there empty handed!!! And that back room!! I agree, it's so cozy and full of more beautiful items. The Speckled Hen is definitely a Shoppe you won't forget and will be a returning customer. And wait until you see her Christmas displays, the Shoppe becomes a magical place, surely to get you into the spirit of the season. -Penny B.

    1. Amen! She's the best! Can't wait to go back for the holidays! Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment! Come back soon!

  4. That does it, I must go!! I have passed this shop hundreds of times and always wondered about it, this just decided it for me. Thank you!!


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