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Wednesday, September 16, 2015
Hi Again!  Wow, what a week this has been!  I cannot believe how much you all love it when I feature shops in my blog.  Congratulations to those shops for all the attention they're getting and a huge Thank You for all the new followers who have come aboard Life As I See It as a result of reading those posts.  I'm so happy to have you all.
If you've been reading my blogs for even a short time, you probably know I'm pretty enthusiastic about the people, places and things I blog about.  From the very beginning I had a few of convictions about blogging - 1) I'd only blog for as long as I enjoy it, 2) I'd only blog about things I sincerely loved and felt compelled to share, 3) I would not put ads on my blog because I am blogging for fun, not profit and I hate reading blogs with ads all over the place.  I want my readers to come to my blog to enjoy my photos and stories, not to make me an income (however I acknowledge that blogging is a respectable and honest way of making a living for many bloggers out there.  This is in no way anything against them.)  In my 17 months of blogging I've held true to all of my self-imposed convictions...........until recently.   Why?   Because something I believe in, love and respect enough has inspired me to step outside the box and toss my rules, and when you read the rest of this post, I think you'll understand.
It's been no secret I'm a big fan of everything involving Beekman 1802 - including the Beekman Farm which I've blogged about twice and especially the Beekman Boys - Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge.  I had a chance to meet them this summer and they are the sweetest, kindest and most humble men you'd ever meet.  Their fame and their skyrocketing success has not affected them.  They are just down-to-earth, everyday people!  During my visits to Sharon Springs, I have visited their mercantile and purchased a few products - their Heirloom Cookbook (wonderful), some lip balms, and a Tub of Butter lotion, which I confess I sometimes use as lip balm when I'm at my computer.    Recently though, I happened to tune into their live broadcast on Evine - a fairly new web-only shopping platform.  Well, unless you have some unlimited funds available, I suggest you refrain from watching Evine when Josh and Brent are on!   Those two and their charm could sell goat manure to goat farmers!!!  After 30 minutes I'd purchased two sets of products and quickly turned off the t.v.  Those guys are dangerous!    Kidding aside, when my order arrived a few days excitement went through the roof, so much so I am about to break the rules.  I am going to use my blog to promote a product because if I don't, you'd be sorry.
Let me take a moment to back up and tell you that prior to my Evine experience I was contacted by a Beekman 1802 representative inviting me to be part of their affiliate program.  What that means is that I was invited to place an ad on my blog.....and any traffic from my website to the Beekman 1802 store resulting in a purchase would earn me a commission.  Well, you can imagine I was flattered, but initially resisted because a) I figured when they saw my little blog they'd take back their offer and b) having an ad was going against my principles.   After much thought I came to the conclusion that if there were any company I respected and admired enough to advertise, it was indeed Beekman 1802 so that explains the ad you now see in the sidebar of my blog.  Fast forward to why I'm writing order. O...M.....G....wait till you see!
The first thing that struck me the minute I opened the outer box of my order was the amazing scent that just filled the room.  Honestly, the scent is overwhelming and intoxicating. My order consisted of two different scents - one set of the Honeyed Grapefruit scent (their new scent) and the other was Honey & Orange Blossom, inspired by their mock orange bushes on the farm.  Here's a peak at the set....
This was the Today's Special...3-9oz bars of soap, a Shampoo Bar, a can of salve, 60 facial cleaning wipes, a tube of hand cream and a lip balm.  Before even trying these products I was completely smitten - just by the scent.  The first product I tried was the shampoo.  Initially I was smitten, but like most of the folks who have reviewed it on Evine, subsequent shampoos left me disappointed.  My hair was hard to comb out and not as fluffy as the first couple of washings.  I suspect it would be great for men with really short hair. 

The shampoo even comes in its own drawer for travel!
  The second product I purchased was a set consisting of body wash, hydrating lotion, a bar of goat's milk soap and a lip balm.  I tried the body wash the next day and the lotion and again, was so pleased with both products. 

Note:  This photo was taken one week after using body wash daily.
While the scent was not overpowering, 24 hrs. later when I woke up, I still smelled great from yesterday's shower! Like the shampoo, a little goes a long way with the body wash too. The hydrating lotion leaves your skin silky soft but not sticky or heavy.

In full disclosure and in keeping with my full honesty approach, I have to say that the only product I was a bit disappointed in was the face wipes.  While they are freshening, they do not remove make-up.  But.....they don't claim to.  That being said, they'd be great on a long road trip to freshen up along the way, or for runners or hikers.  But you'll still need make-up remover to get rid of your racoon eyes.....especially if you use waterproof mascara.  The effectiveness of the wipes may differ from one product to another.  I've only tried one.
Aside from the quality of these products, the natural ingredients and amazing scents, I am in love with the beautiful packaging.

 I made these purchases intending to share these products and use some as gifts. What recipient wouldn't be thrilled to receive any of these items?  While I would make a commission if you purchased any of these items using my link, I'd recommend heading on over to Evine and buying a set.   You'll want more than one item in these products.  It'll save you money and you'll get to share with a friend (or not).  While I'm in full disclosure mode, let me warn you the 9 oz. bar of soap is $15.00 - but it is a HUGE, 9 oz. bar.  The bars I've purchased from other vendors are $5+ and are only 3.25 oz bars.  So the price is very competitive and fair.  I'll share a sure to let your goat milk soap dry out between uses by resting in on a soap saver tray.  Dry soap will last much longer than soap that stays wet.  See, I'm probably not the best sales rep :)

So there you have it.....I'm a shameless Beekman affiliate and I'm proud of it!   Head on over and check out their website.  Watch the live goat cam and wave to Farmer John and thank all those sweet goats who donate their milk so we can have great products like the ones I've shown today.  And if you're free this weekend, head on over to Sharon Springs for their annual Harvest Festival which takes place throughout the town, including the Beekman 1802 farm.  Check website for information and to purchase tickets for a farm tour:
Thanks for coming and if you haven't already read them, check out my two previous blogs about Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs.   You'll be smitten too!  Come back soon and see what's new at Life As I See It.

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  1. Gail. I've had great success in removing my makeup with the wipes. I love them, they leave my skin feeling clean and soft. I don't use a waterproof mascara and the wipes remove all from lashes. I as well love all the Beekman 1802 products and have been caught up in the Evine shows as well. Best to you. Debra


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