Stop & Smell the Roses (Rosewood Gardens, West Charlton NY)

Monday, June 29, 2015
Have you ever heard a saying over and over and never really considered where it came from?  Certainly you've all heard this saying, "Stop and Smell the Roses", and if you're like me what comes to mind is the message that the saying seems to be implying.  This sentiment urges us to take a moment out of our busy lives and stop....not necessarily to actually smell roses, although a pleasant thing to do, but to pause ....for any number of things.  We could pause and be grateful; we could pause and take notice of our lives, we could pause and relax.   Any of these would be beneficial for sure, yet today in this blog I am suggesting you do precisely as the quote says - Stop and Smell the Roses!!
But wait....before you stop I want you to go to a certain place.  I want you to go to West Charlton, NY where Joanne and Paul Strevy own and operate Rosewood Gardens.  Joanne is a Master Gardener with over 25 years of gardening experience and Paul is an international pilot.  A friend, David Mostrom, introduced Joanne to David Austin English Roses and for Joanne, it was love at first sight.  After my introduction to them, I can understand why!

Is this combination not gorgeous??
English roses are a cross between the old-fashioned rose and the modern rose.  With the form and fragrance of older variety roses and the repeat blooming quality of newer roses, David Austin roses are simply outstanding.  In addition to their intoxicating fragrance, their dense layers of petals almost reminds you of a peony.  So smitten by these roses, Joanne began growing them in 2002.  Sixyears later, a garden dedicated to English roses was designed and planted.  Today Joanne and Paul's property features several of their personal gardens, many of which feature David Austin roses.

I loved this grouping of yellow and purple!  Stunning!

 As beautiful as these photos may look, they are nothing in comparison to what you see standing in the Strevy gardens! 

As if all the Strevy's beautiful gardens aren't enough....there's this tranquil view!
Just a 'few' of the many varieties of David Austin roses available for sale!

If you could only smell these beauties, you'd want one of every color in your garden.  I'm telling you, there are no words to effectively convey just how magnificent these roses are.  In all fairness, I have to tell you that these roses are not low maintenance.  Joanne explains that growing these roses is like having a pet.  They require some TLC - from proper planting to proper winterizing.  You cannot just plop them in your yard and yield the results you see here.  That being said.....if you are a dedicated gardener, David Austin roses are a must have!
A visit to Rosewood Gardens is not like a visit to your local nursery.  As you can see from the photos, the Strevy's have created a property that is more like a botanical garden than a nursery.  You'll want to linger and enjoy the view.  When you browse Joanne's personal gardens, you'll have fun in the Fairy Garden finding all the fairies that Joanne has tucked in secret places.......
You'll have to look hard......fairies like to hide!  
Joanne is available for speaking engagements, garden consults and welcomes group garden tours.  She's also written for Capital Region Living Magazine.  We had a wonderful morning visiting Rosewood Gardens.  Arriving before other customers, we were treated to a personal tour complete with all sorts of great gardening tips.  Like so many of the people I blog about, Joanne is enthusiastic but humble about her accomplishments.  When I first approached her and said I'd like to write a blog about her, she looked surprised and hesitant - as if unworthy.  Throughout our tour, perhaps in response to our awe, Joanne became more comfortable showing her pride, but it wasn't until late in our tour that she even admitted she was a Master Gardener.  Like Jody & Luisa Somers of Dancing Ewe, Teri Conroy of Wunsapana Farm and Katrina Capasso of Dakota Ridge, Wynne Trowbridge of Shades of Green, and so many other folks whose lives and businesses I've blogged about, Joanne Strevy is simply a woman who is genuinely passionate about what she does and lives to share that passion with others.  And it only takes a short time walking through her garden for that passion to be evident and contagious.
I don't know how I never knew about Rosewood Gardens until now....once again thankful for the opportunity this blog provides.  If you're like me and haven't heard of it till now - don't waste a minute.  Go soon!    Rosewood Gardens is open Thursday-Saturday (but closed this Saturday, July 4th) from 9:00-6:00.   I promise you'll "Stop and Smell the Roses" over and over and over!
Rosewood Garden also specializes in delphiniums and sells a variety of potted perennials. For more information on Rosewood Gardens or to obtain Joanne for a speaking engagement or garden consultation, use the links to their website and Facebook page provided below:

While you're in the area, be sure to check out Shades Of Green Nursery at 2036 Cook Road in Charlton, just a short way from Rosewood Gardens. 

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  1. Breathtaking!!! I am wishing they will make "scratch 'n sniff" computer screens in the near future.


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