When in Need of a Little Therapy.....I Have Just the Ticket

Thursday, May 21, 2015
For a variety of reasons, it's been a tough few weeks around here.  Some women I know cure what ails them with a little retail therapy, others enjoy some spa therapy, others enjoy a little liquid therapy in the form of a glass or two of wine.  I've never been a big fan of any of those methods (for which my hubby is thankful), but I enjoyed a little cheering up today of a different sort.......I found comfort and peace with a little green therapy when I took my annual pilgrimage to Shades of Green Nursery.

Believe me, it was just what the doctor ordered because there's no way you can visit Shades of Green without feeling better when you leave.  From the warm hospitality of owner Wynne Trowbridge, to the gentle, friendly greetings of the family cat and dog, all the way to the serene, lush greenery that surrounds you, if you're looking to spend some time in a little "peace" of heaven on earth - Shades of Green is just the place.
Before I share more photos from my visit I'll make a confession.....just yesterday John and I finished re-weeding a few of our garden beds after which we spread 8 bags of mulch.  Once finished I announced, "this will ensure I don't purchase and plant anything in the ground now".  I also made this announcement to Wynne upon my arrival and explained I was just here for some therapy.  Now, if you knew me, you'd know that I've been known to make such declarations in the past and still come home with more flowers than places to put them.  Admittedly, I didn't have much confidence in my own willpower but really......why would anyone want to have willpower here??????
Every time I visit Shades of Green I am astounded by the fact that this unbelievably gorgeous place is maintained mostly by ONE person!!!  I get overwhelmed with my yard and it's not even a small fraction of this size, yet Wynne doesn't look the least bit tired or worn.  In fact I'm pretty sure that if the makers of Dove soap were local, they'd snatch her up for one of their commercials.  Fresh air and hard work definitely agree with her!  Just look at some of her handiwork....


Tranquil, beautiful, and just the therapy I needed.  Oh.....curious about my willpower?  I succumbed to just two new plants but when I uploaded my pics I was reminded about one other I meant to grab and forgot .....
so I just might have to force myself to go back ;)   I'm tellin' you, if you have a shady corner in your yard or if you just love drooling over beautiful gardens, you must visit Shades of Green.  The number of hostas, the variety of colors and sizes, the huge variety of other shade plants will blow your mind.  I promise you will tell all your friends and you'll go back again and again.  The prices are reasonable, the quality is top notch and the hospitality is A+.  Why shop for shade plants at your typical greenhouses when you can stroll through this garden paradise and feel like you're in one of the fanciest botanical gardens?   Check their website for hours.  Note:  Shades of Green does not accept credit cards, only cash and checks. 
Hopefully some of you read my earlier post in my series, Addictions of the Horticultural Variety, but if you missed it, today's post should encourage you to read it now.
So......that's it for today folks.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks for taking time to share my Life As I See It.

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