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Monday, October 13, 2014
At the risk of appearing as if this blog's theme is "Alpacas & Llamas", I'm going to go out on a limb and hope that you can stand a few more of these irresistible faces.  As for me, I might need a 12-step program for alpaca and llama addicts, because I CANNOT resist this face!

Last week I received a very nice message on my Life As I See It Photography facebook page from John Tybush, co-owner of Tybush Mountain Alpaca Farm in Troy, NY.   John is a friend of Dominick Giglio, our friend at September Morning Farm (subject of my recent blog).  John had seen the blog post featuring Dominick's alpacas and wanted to extend an invitation for us to visit his farm and meet his alpacas.  Well, you know I couldn't resist, right?   Of course I couldn't, and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon but  here.....on this gorgeous farm on a truly spectacular autumn afternoon.

John and Elva have been raising alpacas (and one llama) for a few years now.  They already have several in their herd, including this year's baby, Corky, named after John's dad.

One of my personal favorites was "Helen" who was named after John's mom.  I think you can see why anyone would love her.

Like most farms, John and Elva also provide a loving home to other animals - several chickens, two bunnies, a tiny young guinea hen and a most laid back and loving feline!
 Just like the other farms I've visited and written about - animals on John and Elva's farm are treated like family and have personalities to prove it.  And why wouldn't they have great personalities?  They live on a beautiful piece of land, sleep in a stunning barn and are treated with love and kindness.  Farmers, especially my alpaca and llama farmers, are some of the kindest people I know and for sure the most hospitable.  What a pleasure it has been for John and I to meet such great people and be welcomed into all of their homes. And to have the privilege (and fun) of photographing their animals! 

To view many more photos of the Tybush Mountain Alpaca Farm alpacas, please visit my Life As I See It Photography page (link provided below).  Please feel free to share this blog and the photos on the facebook page with an alpaca lover you know!   Thank you John and Elva for a a wonderful time!

Stay tuned to my upcoming blogs where I promise to bring you some interesting places, including the Dorset Marble Quarry and Historic Deerfield!  As always, thanks for following and if you enjoy my blog, please tell a friend!

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