A Gardener's Paradise at Shades of Green

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When I decided to start a blog, I immediately knew I would write a post about Shades Of Green.  It was, perhaps, the blog I've been most anxious to write and share with you.  I will tell you right now, if you haven't used the slide show feature to view the photos in my blog before - you absolutely must now.  These photos cannot be blown up enough!!!!  If you're a garden enthusiast and have never been to Shades of Green, you WILL want to visit soon.  Just be sure to empty your trunk before you visit!

I made my first pilgrimage to "Shades" a few years ago because my yard caters best to plants not needing abundant sunlight.  Hostas have always been one of my favorites, but at Shades of Green you won't just see your Grandma's hostas.  Nope, you'll see a few hundred varieties of hostas......along with a multitude of other shade-loving perennials.

Wynne Trowbridge is the owner and "gardener extraordinaire" who single-handedly owns and operates Shades.  (I think her husband helps behind the scenes, but she's the mastermind behind this operation). She moved here from Colorado where she says the growing was difficult - and what began as a small nursery in the corner of her property fifteen years ago has grown into a very large and extensive operation.

What I love about Shades of Green, aside from the complete ecstasy I feel when I walk among the absolute beauty of it all,is spending time with Wynne, who is not only strikingly beautiful in that completely natural, fresh-faced sort of way, but is a wealth of information and full of enthusiasm about the absolutely serene setting she shares with her customers.    As her business took off, and it's easy to see why it would, Wynne gradually expanded her "gardens" piece by piece.....although to see it, one would easily think God Himself created this masterpiece.   And of course - he did - through Wynne's vision and hard work.  It is obvious that Wynne's intent was not simply to sell plants, but to inspire and teach, and to give folks an opportunity to enjoy her spectacular setting. 

Shades of Green is located on Cook Road in Charlton.  It's a little "out there" but the ride is beautiful and if you have the time, plan on lunch at the Charlton House (just a little ways before Shades).  One of the best things about buying perennials here is that you are able to see many of the specimens in their natural setting, so you see them full grown and in their glory.  Wynne's plants are very reasonably priced....I bought 3 hostas and 1 brunnera, all in gallon containers and my bill was $35.15 with tax.  Shades is normally open  everyday but Monday, but because this is a one-woman operation, Wynne suggests calling before you visit, especially in the next week since she has some personal commitments to attend to and doesn't want anyone to drive all that way to find her closed. The link to her website is on the bottom of this post.  Although I could go on and on writing about everything I love here, I think I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

 Just as example of the magic of Shades of Green.......look at this rock!!!   There are two different kinds of fern growing in it, a hosta, a columbine and an astilbe!!  This woman can grow anything!

Thank you for allowing me to share by photos and thoughts with you!  And Have a Great Day!!!


  1. Magnifique!!! Love the trilliums, of course. But I would want one of everything else, as well. The paths are so inviting. And I want you to know that you have succeeded in making me very homesick yet again. BTW - I see she is also growing a kitty in that little blue plant cabin. lol. Thanks for sharing. You really know all the best places!!

  2. What a glorious setting...the meandering pathways...it is all very inviting. So many times I visit greenhouses etc. with lines of potted pots...on boring rows of shelves. I WANT to spend time here. Wynne's plants look rich and cared for. The surroundings are as peaceful as the flowers themselves. So beautiful.

    1. It's more beautiful in person....on her website, Wynne suggests bringing your lunch. She's made her paradise like a park and welcomes her visitors to stay awhile and enjoy their visit. There's not a more beautiful place to spend time shopping for plants or just enjoying the view!


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