A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. What Story Does This Picture Tell You?

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

 A picture's worth a thousand words so what does this photo say to you?  

When I took this photo on a recent ride through Washington County,  I had an immediate analogy pop into my head.  The vines, which at first seemed to be suffocating, even strangling this small building, made me think of a person in distress.  The vines appeared to me as the friends and family surrounding and supporting that individual (the building) - holding them up almost, in their time of distress.  It reminded me of times I've been supported and times I've lent an ear, or a shoulder, or some small assist to someone in need.  The vines appeared to me a positive thing in that first impression of this scene - working together for a common cause to do good.
Later when I uploaded the image to my computer another thought came to mind.  At that moment the vines encircling the building, making the building almost impossible to discern, reminding me of the condition of the world today.  It reminded me of the many people struggling with their mental health, with financial shortages and the general overwhelmed feeling of so many.  Some days we are that building.  Some days we are supported and held together by the caring people around us and we feel surrounded by love and held together by those stronger that ourselves.  Other days, instead of feeling loved and supported, we feel choked and overcome by the burdens of life and hopeless of a way to break free.
As in all situations in life, it's sometimes how we perceive that situation that makes it possible or impossible to overcome.  We feel overcome by our perception of reality.  Surely some things are every bit as bad as they seem and it's those times we need our friends and loved ones support to see us through.  There are other times when our perception isn't quite our reality and in those times, it's good to step back and be sure what we see and feel is really what is true.
Today I hope when you 'look' at your world, your situation, you'll see a network of vines supporting and loving you, holding you together.  If, though, you see yourself overwhelmed, out of control, helpless and hands tied, I want you to remember you are loved.  You may not see that or feel that, but I hope you'll step back and look again.  Maybe those vines surrounding you are a wall keeping others out.  Regardless of the condition of your building today - God loves you, messy or neat, happy or sad, helpless or in control.  Today, imagine His love encircling you like the vines on this building.  He's got this and He'll help you if you let Him!

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