The Farm Store at Tiashoke - Sharing the Beauty and Bounty of a Family Farm

Friday, September 16, 2022

If there were such a thing as pumpkin heaven, I think it would be called Tiashoke Farm.  While that would accurately describe the vast number and varieties of pumpkins that populate the Farm Store and six acres of crop at Tiashoke Farm, it would definitely fall short of describing all the other goodness that awaits you at this must-visit family farm.

I've been visiting and blogging about Tiashoke Farm since 2019 (ok...I'm a little late to the party compared to most folks) but I've been a passionate fan ever since.  I honestly can't think of any place prettier in autumn or anywhere that offers more varieties of pumpkins (over 90 - the most ever) - in addition to gourds, squash, mums, and cornstalks.  

The Farm Store at Tiashoke is located in Schaghticoke, NY and their dairy farm in Buskirk NY.  It is a fifth generation dairy farm which now also produces beef and pork.  John and I had the opportunity to visit the Farm Store at Tiashoke today and meet Jessica and Stuart Ziehm and hear firsthand from Jessica how their newly expanded farm came to be.  If you loved the farm stand along Route 40 in years past, you're going to go crazy when you see the huge expansion on the hill!  The Farm Store's opening last weekend during the Washington County Cheese Tour brought over 2000 folks to the farm.  If you weren't one of those lucky folks, don't worry.  I've got a peek that I know will encourage you to visit soon.

Everyone knows farmers are some of the hardest workers on the planet, and that goes for farmers' wives and kids.  It's obvious with one look at this massive operation that Jessica, whose mind clearly works overtime with creative ideas, has masterfully combined the family's devotion to agriculture with her passion for sharing the region's agricultural products.  The farm store is filled with regional food products, farm related toys, home decor accessories, locally grown flowers and so much more.  Five minutes into a conversation with Jessica, you realize her ambition and creativity are only just the tip of the iceberg that Tiashoke currently is.  The beautiful barn will one day be an event venue for meetings, paint and sips, social events and more.  While it may look like this is a retail venture, what drives Jessica is her passion for educating people about agriculture and shedding a light on Washington County's leading industry.  What drives Jessica's hard work is the desire to share the beauty and bounty of their family farm and both are evident in every direction you turn.  It's obvious that while Jessica is the master mind behind this jewel, she has a village (and family) alongside her making this dream become a reality.

I can't wait to see what's next for Tiashoke Farm Store.  Whatever is coming is sure to be a thing of beauty and will reflect the life and love this family exemplifies along with their dedication to keeping the farming tradition going for many more generations. was a pleasure getting to know you today.  Your enthusiasm and willingness to share your story and vision and your family farm was inspiring and heartwarming.  Thank you for providing the community with a great family friendly venue.  

Visit Farm Store atTiashoke  this season for all your autumn decor.  This weekend  (September 17 & 18) is Pizza & Pumpkins at the Farm Stand.  Joe's Dough to Go will be there to satisfy your cravings.  Tiashoke Farm Store is located at 11834 Route 40, Schaghticoke NY.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram....


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