Summer Getaway - Day 3, Rockport and Gloucester

Thursday, August 12, 2021

It may have been our eighth visit to Rockport, but I promise the view never gets old. This view, the photo above, is the view from the sidewalk on Beach Street where the street borders Front Beach.  Front Beach is a fabulous beach, large enough for locals and really perfect for seniors and families with small children.  Just a little short walk from Bearskin Neck (even shorter by car), Front Beach is popular with guests who stay at Captain's Bounty Motel, The Cove at Rockport or the Beach & King Street Inn (once a b & b and now a weekly rental).  We enjoyed Beach & King a couple of times back when it was a b & b, and before we discovered the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge.  


If shops are more your thing, downtown Rockport and Bearskin Neck is where you want to be.  Whether you enjoy watching the fishing boats and kayakers come and go, browse the shops, or enjoy some fresh seafood or afternoon treat, or peruse the many art galleries in town, you'll never run out of places to explore in downtown Rockport.

Or if you stay at the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge you don't even have to leave your room. You can just linger on your balcony all day and enjoy the view.  If you missed my first post of this series about the wonderful accommodations at the Lodge - check it out - When Going Away Feels Like Coming Home

On our way home, we spent the morning in the charming fishing town of Gloucester....specifically on the fishing docks near the Maritime Museum.  These docks are the home of the Schooner Ardelle and the Schooner Adventure.  Across the harbor is the famous Tarr and Wonson Paint Factory and just a few steps away you can see the Gorton Seafood Company.  Check out both posts to read more about those beauties.  We love wandering the docks, watching the fishermen and sailors work the boats.

Schooner Ardelle

Tarr & Wonson Paint Factory

Schooner Adventure

Schooner Roseway that docked in front of our Lodge overnight.

If you weren't already convinced, you should be by now.....Rockport and Gloucester are definitely a favorite destination for us.  If you've never been or have only passed through, I urge you to check out my blog Directory under the category 'Destination-Massachusetts' for stories about several wonderful places to explore there, including Hammond CastleBeauport - The Sleeper McCann EstateHalibut Point State Park, and another wonderful b & b in Rockport, Beech Tree B & B and many more there and in the state of Massachusetts.  Also if you missed the earlier post about our encounter with the cast of Wicked Tuna.... check it out now....Not Your Mama's Tuna

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  1. You’ve captured our little gem of a town perfectly. I’m happy to read you enjoy Rockport. Great read and wonderful photos. BE WELL.


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