Living Life on the Wild Side at the Adirondack Animal Land

Monday, August 16, 2021

 Camels and zebra and ostrich, oh my!  And that was just the beginning of the fun we had today at the Adirondack Animal Land in Gloversville, NY with the grandkids. 

 Located an easy ride from Saratoga, we first discovered the zoo last summer during a time when there was practically nothing available to do thanks to Covid-19.  The zoo owners had modified what once was a walk-through experience and turned it into a drive-through safari where kids and adults could enjoy the company of wildlife from the safety of their vehicles.  Although most regular kid-friendly venues are back open this year, we were anxious to make a return visit to the zoo because.....well, where else can you go and have wildlife this up-close and personal?

First up and no doubt the zoo's most enthusiastic greeters are the camels.  We arrived just at opening time and let me tell you, somebody didn't have their morning coffee....or croissant.  Being our second visit, we knew to hold our cups of feed really, really tight because if you don't the camels (and especially the ostrich) will make fast work of emptying it.  And when I say 'empty', I don't mean down their throat.  We're still finding camel feed in the car from last year.  

   John recommends the two-handed approach!
Pucker up Buttercup!
I'm ready for my close-up!

Further down the road, it was seeming like another group of animals also assumed we were here with their Door Dash delivery.  After ten minutes of having the road blocked and car surrounded by several inquisitive alpaca and twice as many deer, all unfazed by the car horn, the zookeeper arrived on his golf cart with a bucket of food.  The pack immediately became disinterested with us and stepped aside to enjoy brunch.

All in all, in about an hour, we got to enjoy camels, emu, ostrich, llama, alpaca, zebra, sika deer, fallow deer, zebu, watusi, pot-bellied pigs, buffalo and goats.  Oh....and a bunch of feathered friends too.  We laughed out loud and left today's visit feeling grateful to have such a wonderful venue so close to home.  

And at the end of the ride, kids are able to get out of the car and feed the goats and painted desert sheep....who have marginally better table manners.
If you get the chance before August 29th when they close for the season, take a ride to Gloversville and enjoy a little fun on the wild side.  Admission is $12 per person - cash only.  Cups of food are $4.00 each.  I'd advise not arriving right at opening - which is 11:00am. I'd wait until the animals are less enthusiastic about accepting your offering.  Oh....and beware of the zebra...extremely beautiful and friendly, but they drool buckets.  If your window is open, you'll regret it.....and your car might need a bath too.  The zoo is open 7 days a week from 11:00-5:00pm., last car admitted at 3:00pm.  For more information: and Adirondack Animal Land Facebook Page  To read about last year's visit:

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