There's No Place More Beautiful in Spring Than the Schenectady Stockade

Sunday, April 18, 2021

 Rituals are formulas by which harmony is restored.

                                                                -Terry Tempest Williams

After the year we've all endured, who isn't seeking a little harmony? We all have our favorite rituals, and each spring one of our favorite rituals is a visit to the Schenectady Stockade. For a brief time, so brief in fact, that this year we almost missed it, the Stockade is a storybook image of beautiful architecture and flowering trees. It is in this ethereal haven that I find harmony and joy and I'm extending that joy today as I share it with you all. Come along on a stroll through the picturesque Schenectady Stockade.

Whether it's the trees in all their blooming glory or the welcoming, colorful entry doors, there's no  disputing that the Schenectady Stockade is always one of the most cheerful places to visit.  I'm always happy I did.  Thank you to all the property owners who take such pride in their homes and neighborhood making this one of our favorite destinations.  If you haven't taken a stroll or drive through the Stockade, you really must.  It sure is a heavenly haven on earth and I promise it'll restore a little harmony in your soul when you do! 
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