Finding Peace and Tranquility Among the Shades of Green

Sunday, June 14, 2020
....One is nearer God's heart in a garden than anyplace else on earth.
You probably recognize this last line of the popular poem and you'll probably recognize the place I'm sharing today because it's the sixth time I've featured it here on the blog.  Shades of Green has easily become an annual tradition for any and all garden lovers who make their pilgrimage not just to find new and unusual additions to their gardens, but for a peaceful retreat to nature.

When Wynne Trowbridge and her husband and family moved to Charlton from Colorado in 1990, they purchased their 25-acre homestead, complete with a pond and a plan to do a little gardening.  Thirty years later, Wynne and her husband have transformed their land into an oasis filled with nature, horticulture and wonder.  Making the most of what God provides, Wynne decided to focus her gardens on shade plants which would thrive among the many tall trees that made their home there already.  Like any gardener knows, it's virtually impossible to have too many gardens, and now what you'll find when you visit Shades of Green is not just a nursery for shade-loving plants, but a botanical garden filled with whimsical ornaments, places to sit and linger a bit while being serenaded by nature, and the warmest hospitality you'll find in Saratoga county.

Shades of Green focuses on hosta - hundreds of varieties, but also offers complimentary plants too such as astilbe, brunera, heuchera, pulmonaria, ferns and many more.  Perhaps the nicest thing about shopping for perennials at Shades of Green is seeing what mature versions of your favorites will look like both among other plants and over time.  I visited Shades this week with my daughter, Laura, who was looking to create a garden at her entryway to replace two overgrown boxwood shrubs.  We showed Wynne a photo of the spot, complete with measurements and lighting conditions and Wynne helped us pick out a collection of hosta, bugbane, heleborous and astilbe to create a beautiful mirror image walkway.  I was so proud to leave with only one plant - a heleborous, Pippa's purple.  Surprisingly, I had forgotten my camera and checkbook (Shades of Green only accepts cash and checks) so I went back the next morning to document my annual visit.  This time I left with two plants (still amazing discipline since normally I have several).  This time I came home with a bugbane and a small hosta named, 'mini skirt'.  Three for the season is an outstanding show of discipline because anyone who has been here knows, it's like being a kid in a candy'll want one of every flavor and color.  See what I mean.....

You don't need a dark, shady yard to accommodate hosta or their shade-loving friends.  Many of the hosta and perennials that Wynne carries are also happy in part-sun which is four hours or less, especially if it's not mid-day sun.  If you haven't already, or haven't yet this season, make a plan to visit Shades of Green soon. Bring your mask and your cash or check and plan on lingering a while in this lush, green paradise.  Shades of Green is located at 2036 Cook Road in Charlton, NY.  and is open Tuesday-friday 10:00-5:00 and Saturday, 10:00-4:00.  I'll post the link to their Facebook page and website at the end of this post. Allow yourself plenty of time because you'll want to wander and pause to savor the many nooks and crannies, the whimsies and view while birds serenade you and chipmunks scurry to and fro.  Tell Wynne I sent you and catch her cover feature in the May/June issue of Simply Saratoga.  You can use this link:  Simply Saratoga May/June
Here's a peek at a sampling of my Shades of Green collection....

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to view Life As I See It.   We don't need to travel far to find beauty.  It's all around us.  All we have to do is pause and open our eyes!
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