Getting Lost and Found In The Treasures at Bluebird Home Decor

Sunday, December 8, 2019
'We lose ourselves in things we love.
  We find ourselves there too."

That's a perfect description of what happens to me and probably everyone when they visit Bluebird Home Decor in Schenectady.  If you're a longtime reader of the blog, you may remember that Bluebird Home Decor was formerly in Troy, NY.  Although I've visited Bluebird a number of times since its move to the corner of State and Lafayette in Schenectady, this is the first time I've written about it here on the blog in its new location. 
There's always plenty to write about and photograph at Bluebird, but Christmas is purely magical there and I am a little more generous with myself during the season of giving.  Don't they say charity begins at home?  Maybe I've got that mixed up, but I don't need any permission or encouragement to come home with a bagful of goodies, at the holidays or anytime.  The hard thing is limiting myself to one bag.  (Lucky for me, they have big bags.) And although Bluebird is filled to the brim with thousands of wonderful and unique gift items for anyone and everyone on your gift list, somehow I never manage to buy for anyone but me when I'm there.  Hmmmm.....maybe that calls for another visit.  Ha Ha!  Have a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean.
 As you're examining each photo, keep your eyes peeled for Nicolle's mom, Shelly Broughton's beautiful art.  I'm over the moon, no pun intended, for her work and am lucky to have a growing collection of it.  Below is one of her newer additions this year, the snowmen collection.  How cute is this guy?

 Gnomes are all the rage and Bluebird is filled with them in every shape and color!

So, how many bags did you fill up as you window shopped?  Truly an exercise in self restraint, but you only live once!  You can't take it with you but I know for sure that my girls will love anything I leave behind from Bluebird when I downsize.... or die.  In the meantime, I'll cherish each and every little thing I bring home.  
Head on over to Schenectady soon and make a dent in that Christmas list.  You'll find something in Bluebird for everyone on your list.  There's a super cute baby section, a cooking section, great books and journals, candles, home decor, jewelry, scarves and so much more.  There's something for everyone!  And so many great additions for your holiday home.  
Bluebird is located at 514 State Street right on the corner of Lafayette.  Check their Facebook page for hours and information: and follow them on Instagram: @bluebirdhomedecor.    I hope you'll check it out soon!   Come back here too because I have more fun blogs coming your way.

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