Autumn Never Looked Prettier Than It Does at the Farm Stand at Tiashoke Farm in Easton NY

Friday, October 4, 2019
I have many 'favorite' things and today's post features a few of them!  Unless this is the first time you've read my blog, you know Easton is one of my favorite places on earth, often the subject of my photos and blog posts.  Like most everyone who resides in the northeast, autumn is my favorite season and I'm pretty sure there's no place that boasts the beauty and colors of autumn better than the Farm Stand at Tiashoke Farm.
Tiashoke Farm
Most of you are probably already familiar with the Farm was featured on WTEN News this week.  But if you missed it (like me), I'm here to fill you in.  You may already know Tiashoke Farm because the Ziehm family has been growing and selling pumpkins for nearly 20 years along Route 40 in Easton (Washington County).

Tiashoke Farm Stand

Offering one of the largest selections of pumpkins in the area, the Ziehm's grow over 50 different varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash.  They also sell mums, corn stalks and straw bales....all at very family friendly prices.    This year is the first year the display includes the 'Pumpkin House', a dream of Jessica Ziehm's for the past several years.  Inspired by the pumpkin village that is created annually at the Dallas arboretum, the Pumpkin House is turning heads of commuters on Route 40.  The house showcases over 350 pumpkins.  Jessica says she loves pumpkins because they are beautiful and they make people smile.  I can attest to that.  So many varieties in so many colors and textures, I compared them to glass pretty and colorful, you need a handful (or trunkful).
Gourds and Pumpkins

While it may seem right now that pumpkins are the Ziehm's pride and joy, their first love and passion is their dairy farm.  With over 1000 cows, Tiashoke Farm is a member of AgriMark, the owners of Cabot Cheese.  Tiashoke Farm is owned by brothers Brian, Eric and Terry Ziehm.  The Ziehms moved to Washington County over 50 years ago from Krumkill Road in Albany.  With the low and/or unstable prices for their product, the Ziehms supplement their farm income by selling pumpkins.  They also sell home grown beef and pork.    With seven children ages 6-16, representing the fifth generation on the family farm, everyone has a hand or two in the business from harvesting pumpkins, restocking the stand, manning the booth and learning about business....this is a real 'family affair'.

Farm Stand at Tiashoke Farm

Easton Tiashoke Farm

See what I mean? Like marbles and potato chips, you can't have just one.  Do yourself a favor and take a ride to Tiashoke Farm.  Bring your family and your camera.  There's so many beautiful photo ops.  Just make sure your trunk is empty!  You'll find plenty to fill it at the Farm Stand!  I brought home a few to add to my display.   To follow the Farm Stand on Facebook...
Tiashoke Farm is just one more (new) reason we love Easton, NY.  Thanks for stopping by Life As I See It.  Come back soon for a picturesque ride around the pristine beauty of Brant Lake in my next post.  You won't want to miss it.  For many more posts about Easton, check out my blog Directory under New York Destinations:

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