A Picturesque Road Trip Through the Past and Present of Carlisle NY

Sunday, September 30, 2018
Some say three's a charm, but when it comes to keeping track of visiting a favorite destination, I say the more times the better and that's the case when it comes to Carlisle NY.

To be perfectly frank, natives of Carlisle will probably look at the photos in today's post and point out that not every one of them is precisely in Carlisle.  Some are in Seward, or Sharon or surrounding towns, all in Schoharie county.  While we may not all agree on what road is in which town, I'm pretty sure we'd all agree this is some pretty beautiful countryside, made even more beautiful by the fact on this particular day the weather conditions were optimal for photos.
 Although we almost always drive past the Carlisle Rural Cemetery, this day was the first time we've ever driven in.  There were some really interesting headstones, and some very, very old ones too.

 And then there's the buffalo............ let's just admit it now.....I go for the buffalo.

 Sometimes when it comes to road trips, it's just the view ahead of me that makes me breathless.

So maybe it was the clouds that day, or maybe it was the old, worn and ragged barns, and maybe it was the windy country roads or the lazy buffalo....I really can't say why I love Carlisle and its neighboring towns.  But I can say (and I think you can tell) that I love everything about it.  So far we've explored it in the winter and summer....I'm looking forward to going back soon to see it in all its autumn splendor.  You can be sure when I do, I'll share it with you here at Life As I See It.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come back soon!  Don't forget you can subscribe to receive each new post in your email.  Keep your eyes and ears open....there's so much to see in  your own corner of the world too!

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