A Tiny House Resort - Day Trippin' in Greene County, Part III

Friday, August 3, 2018
You've all heard of camping, and then there was 'glamping'.....now in Greene County there's the combination of both at Think Big, A Tiny House Resort!
Tucked away in the forest of the Catskill Mountains, along the shores of the scenic Catskill Creek, is nestled the unique and absolutely stunning Tiny House Resort.  We happened upon the resort back in June when we were hunting bear - the painted kind - in Cairo, NY.  One of the painted bears was painted and sponsored by the folks at Tiny House Resort.  Interest piqued, we drove in and asked for a quick look around this scenic resort, knowing it might be the subject of a future post for the blog.  At the time, construction of the grounds was still in full swing, (the resort just opened last fall) but Melissa graciously took some time from her day to give us a tour of the inside of a few of the tiny houses.  I couldn't believe my eyes. These homes are beautiful and nothing like I'd picture when my mind imagined a night in the woods.  
Well, I never got around to writing a post about the Tiny House Resort in June, so this past weekend when John and I were in Cairo to visit the Mahayana Buddhist Retreat (the subject of my next post), we paid a visit to the resort hoping to snap a few more shots to share.  Boy, am I glad we did!   Margie was such a gracious host, stopping her chores to give us a golf cart ride around the resort - anxious to share all the progress made these past couple of months.  Let me tell you....if you've been reading this thinking you aren't interested in camping or glamping....think again!!  I do not camp!  I don't like to camp. I need my creature comforts in a clean, closed-in space, free of bugs, with running water, a toilet and a shower....in close proximity to my sleeping quarters.  Tiny House Resort has all that and more - so much more!  
Tiny House Resort sits on 28 wooded acres overlooking the Catskill Creek.  Each tiny house is fully equipped with linens, cookware, heat, air conditioning and a t.v.  Each of the tiny houses has it's own patio, Weber grill, fire pit and spectacular view.  The resort also boasts a beautiful heated, in-ground pool, community patio, a help-yourself vegetable garden and freshly laid eggs courtesy of the resort's free-range chickens.  They also have a lending library for borrowing additional kitchen equipment, books, dvd's, toys, and games.
Here's a sliver of what we saw on our first visit:

And here's what it looks like now...taken from below:

And more of the tiny house interiors:

 It's important to note that each tiny home has one bed that's easily accessible and some also have one bed in a loft.  Tiny homes accommodate 2-6 guests, depending on the model.

Gorgeous, right?  Brand new, spotless, tiny homes just waiting to accommodate you for your serene commune with nature.  There's also a waterfall...and if you have a kayak, bring it along and take a paddle on the Catskill Creek!

Waterfall viewing area

Snack Shop and Community Gathering Area
Prices for one night at the Resort range from $250-$295 per night during the summer season, less off season.  There is no nightly minimum.  The resort is open year-round.  Dogs are allowed at the resort, as are children, however due to the terrain, caution with young children is advised.  Personally, I viewed this beautiful resort as the perfect place for some quality couple time leaving the kiddos with Grandma and Grandpa.  In fact, this Grandma and Grandpa are looking forward to spending a night in one of these tiny homes away from home!  If you're thinking you'd like the getaway but don't want to cook....no fear, Cairo and surrounding towns (Catskill and Coxsackie) have a fair share of eateries to choose from.  In fact, Frank Guido's Port of Call Restaurant in Catskill (Frank Guido's Port of Call Blog Post) is only 9 miles away! I'm telling you....I am NOT a camping type.  My idea of vacation is a hotel room on the ocean's edge, but when I toured this resort, I was immediately drawn to it.  As they say at the resort, come to where nature meets luxury......and experience some peaceful serenity.  To see more of the Tiny House Resort:   To see the tiny houses available: https://atinyhouseresort.com/our-tiny-houses/ and for more information and their full website: https://atinyhouseresort.com/  and to follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atinyhouseresort/  Think Big - A Tiny House Resort is located 2754 County Route 23B, South Cairo NY.

I hope I've opened your eyes and mind to a new and different kind of getaway.  Thank you to Margie and Melissa for taking time out of your workday to stop and spontaneously give us the grand tour(s)!  What an ingenious idea and what a truly beautiful resort!  I can't wait to visit and spend a night!  For more great places to visit in Greene County, take a look at my Directory (https://www.lifeasiseeitphotography.net/p/directory.html) under Destination-New York.  Thanks for reading!  Come back soon for more Life As I See It!

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