Summer Gardens at the Pruyn House

Sunday, July 16, 2017
One of the treasures that John and I discovered when we retired and started to explore parts of the area we hadn't explored be for was the Pruyn House in Latham, NY.

It has become one of our favorite local destinations, especially in the summer months when we can enjoy the beautiful flower gardens that are maintained by the Fort Orange Garden Club.  Founded in 1923, the Fort Orange Garden Club plants and maintains three gardens at the Pruyn House and 50 active members engage in a variety of activities throughout the region.  This is my third blog post about the Pruyn House, one featuring the beautiful tulips in spring and another highlighting the spectacular period holiday decor.  I'll leave links to those posts at the end of today's post.  I urge you to read about the Pruyn House History - and the Garden Club -


It is still a little early for most of the perennials in the garden, but I think you can tell from the photos, it's going to be spectacular in a week or so.  I suggest you consider attending one of the concerts in the barn.  Dates for those remaining this season are July 20, 27th, August 3rd, and 10th.  You can read more about them on their website.  Their Old Fashioned Sunday, held the first Sunday after Labor Day is also a great event.  

This area is so rich with wonderful places to visit and the Pruyn House is a one of them for visitors of any age.  If you haven't been, I hope today's post encouraged you to check it out this summer.  If any of the members of the Fort Orange Club happen to be there when you do, pat them on the back for an amazing job!  How lucky the Pruyn House is to have such talented, dedicated folks tending the gardens of this lovely estate.  I know I appreciate their hard work and enjoy being able to photograph the fruits of their labor all season.  To read previous Pruyn House Posts:
Thanks for reading.  I hope you'll share this with a friend and that you'll come back soon to Life As I See It.


  1. Thank you very much for such a beautiful blog about the Pruyn House! We are so happy to hear your appreciate us and your photos are beautiful.

    1. You are most welcome! Thank you for providing such a beautiful place for the community to enjoy!


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