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Monday, April 10, 2017
New Skete Monastery
Some posts take longer to materialize than this one that's been waiting for its turn since last June.  As you know though, some things are worth the wait and I hope you'll feel that way about this one.  Today's post features the beautiful and very serene New Skete Monastery.  An Eastern Orthodox monastery, New Skete was founded in 1966 and is located  in Cambridge NY.

Perched on the gentle slope of Two Top Mountain, the churches of New Skete, the Emmaus Guest House, the dog kennels and the monk's monastery comprise what is known as the New Skete Monastery.  We found the New Skete Monastery by accident last June when we were in Cambridge for their annual Hot Air Balloon weekend - which I'd heard included a tour of New Skete.  Not reading the article thoroughly, I assumed that meant the "nuns" of New Skete (the ones who make cheesecake).  When we entered the nun's gift shop, we were told the open house was not here, but rather at the monastery nearby.  This is what I consider a lucky happenstance and by no means a disappointment.  It might also be considered a happenstance that I was moved to share this post today - during Holy Week.
The men and women of New Skete are dedicated to a monastic life.  They have one rule - the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one goal - to love God with an undivided heart and to place nothing in the way of their personal and communal attachment to Christ.  They endeavor to do this by embracing the virtues of poverty, chastity and obedience in stability and fidelity.  The monks support themselves through their internationally known dog breeding and training programs.  They have also published three books: New Skete Shepherds, In the Spirit of Happiness and Rise Up With a Listening Heart.  It's very easy to understand how a monastic life on this beautiful property can be good for the soul.

We arrived just as a service was about to begin - very near the end of their Open House.  As much as I might have liked to participate in the service, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to tour the grounds.  I realized later when reading their website that the grounds are open to the public regularly (Tues-Sunday) and their worship services are as well.  

Holy Transfiguration Temple

Holy Transfiguration Temple

New Skete Monastery
Holy Wisdom Temple

New Skete Monastery

If you would like to learn more about the New Skete Monastery, you can visit their website ( which is full of all sorts of information about the monastic life, the dogs of New Skete, their worship schedule and more.  You might also be interested in their individual and group retreats, their dog training programs, dog owner seminars, or even a worship service. You can also visit on June 3 in conjunction with the Cambridge Valley Hot Air Balloon Festival.  The schedule of events at the monastery that day can be found at this link:

Whether you visit in June or sooner, make time to spend some time at this very serene, very spiritual place.  You won't be sorry you did.

Thanks for stopping by!  As always, please share with someone you might enjoy this or previous posts here at Life As I See It.  Have a blessed Holy Week!

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