Weekends Just Got Better! Enjoy Your Morning Coffee on the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

What do your weekend mornings look like?   Coffee and a bagel at your favorite coffee shop? Church with the family? Sleeping in followed by a leisurely read of the Sunday papers? Whatever your weekend morning looks like, chances are your morning involves coffee.  If you happen to be part of the working population, you know that coffee always seems to taste better on the weekend, right?!? Weekends are when you get to linger over every sip, taking in the aroma, enjoying the flavor of a hot, unrushed cup of java.  If you're thinking this delightful scenario can't get much better .....I'm going to prove you wrong.  It can get a lot better, I promise.  Want to know how?  Keep reading!
For anyone with an appreciation for the early morning serenity of Saratoga Lake and the sense of calm you feel when you take that first sip of hot coffee, I've got the perfect pairing for you. Captain Hal of the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Company has added another genius idea to his cruise options - Coffee Cruises!  Ever since our sunset cruise, I've been anxiously looking forward to the start of the Coffee Cruises because......a) I love coffee and b) I love the lake.  Combine the two and I expected I'd be in a caffeine-induced state of lake-loving euphoria!  So when Hal contacted me this week and invited me to come along on their very first Coffee Cruise, you can bet I jumped at the opportunity. That euphoria I spoke of........let me just say ..... that proved to be an accurate expectation.
Coffee Cruise on the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co.

As it turned out, John and I were the only passengers on the maiden coffee voyage.  That didn't stop Captain Hal from providing his regular narrated tour, including history and landmark identification. Today's cruise wasn't on the lake though. Today Hal took us up Fish Creek, a totally different experience from the lake cruises.   Instead of cruising along the heavily populated shores of a fairly large lake, often busy with boat traffic, our coffee cruise took us along the very serene and placid waters of Fish Creek.  I could go on and on describing the beauty and atmosphere found along the way, but what is it they say? "A picture is worth 1,000 words."  I think I'll let the pictures do the talking on this one........

Saratoga Lake NY
Adirondack Cruise & Charter
Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co
Captain Hal and my date ;)
Adirondack Cruise & Charter
Adirondack Cruise & Charter
Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co.
Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co.
Coffee Cruise on Fish Creek

The coffee today was provided by 5 Points Market in Saratoga Springs.  It was hot and delicious.  Hal even provided tea for hubby who doesn't like coffee. The man has to have at least one flaw, right?   The daily papers are also available but honestly, I can't imagine how anyone could possibly look at anything but the beautiful view.

Sunday on Fish Creek
Saratoga Springs NY

Although our cruise took place in the early morning.....we did happen upon some other early risers enjoying the view and some water sports.

Adirondack Cruise & Charter
Fish Creek
What a catch!  
Adk Cruise & Charter Co
We also happened upon three different Great Blue Heron's, this one too busy preening to mind our intrusion.
Fish Creek from the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co
Wildlife on Fish Creek
Fish Creek
The Adirondack Cruise & Charter Company Coffee Cruises are offered Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00, 9:15, and 10:30 am. Guests even receive a souvenir mug to keep! This 60 minute, leisurely cruise on the lake or creek with a delicious cup of coffee is sure to be a hit. Hal already has plans for some delicious autumn foliage cruises up the creek with pumpkin coffee and cider donuts.  Now who can resist that???   

When Hal invited us on the cruise, I felt a little conflicted (and guilty) over missing church.  My daughter helped with that by reminding me that I might consider it 'church in the beauty of nature, where I might feel close to God'.   Brilliant thinking and perhaps maybe a little rationalization, but I knew I'd made the right decision as soon as I saw this.......
Fish Creek, Saratoga Springs NY
Someone (I wish I could remember who) once told me that when you see an X in the sky created by criss-crossing jet streams, it means that somebody you've lost is thinking of you and sending their love. Nobody has ever loved Saratoga Lake more than my dad, so I couldn't help think of him this morning.  I know that if he were here today he would be so happy to know that someone was loving the lake as much as he did and was showing it off and passing down its history.  I may not have made it to church today, but I'm pretty sure God was with me and so was my dad.

For more information or to book a public charter - either a sunset cruise or coffee cruise, or a private charter for that someone special in your life, you can visit the Adirondack Cruise & Charter Company website and book online.  

To follow Adirondack Cruise and Charter Company on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with cruise schedules and to keep abreast of any fun new cruise ideas Captain Hal dreams up:

On Instagram:  @adkcruise
And if you missed my first post featuring our Sunset Cruise......you can read it here:
Adirondack Cruise & Charter Co
The Adirondack Cruise & Charter
Adirondack Cruise & Charter

Thanks Captain Hal for helping keep Saratoga Lake's history alive!  I can't wait to see your Steamboat come to fruition.  If dreams and determination are what got you this far, I know a steamboat isn't just your fantasy.  One day history will repeat itself with a steamboat on Saratoga Lake.  Oh......and in case you're wondering..........the only thing that could make the Coffee Cruise better would be if it happened on Monday.  We could all use a little coffee-cruise tranquility (and a lot of caffeine) on Monday!  In the meantime, coffee on the Adirondack Cruise boat.......well it just doesn't get much better than this. You don't need to drink coffee to enjoy the Coffee Cruise, but it sure doesn't hurt if you do.

Have a great week and thanks for coming along on Life As I See It!

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